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My wife cheated on me

Thursday, November 26, 2015 11:43 AM by hurting Rating: +9|-10

I meet my wife 10 years ago at age 22 while i was in university. She was a maid yes a maid when i meet her she is a year older than me and because of financial problems and a broken home she could not further her education after high school so she had to take any job she could get to support herself and her messed up druged out family. At the time i had a bachelor pad in a nice complex off campus, she used to come over and clean my place twice a week and we soon got to know each other better, i even used to help her clean n all. We started becoming friends id say 2 months after she started cleaning my place anyway one day she came to work with a brused lip n swollen eye so i asked her about it n she cryed n told me her boss hit her and when she got home her family hit her again for lossing her job and that if she couldent give them money they would kick her out. I was shocked and felt sorry for her so offered to let her stay at my place till she got back on her feet again.

It was nice having her stay with me she would cook clean help out and after a year of her living with me i deided to give it a shot and date her and so we dated i then introduced her to my grandad who offered to pay for college for her as she was already staying with me. It was amazing she was so humble and greatful and all i felt proud of her i used to spoil her buy her fansy stuff,we ate out alot i bought her everything she needed n all she stayed with me rent free and never contributed a cent well she couldnt as she was not working but luckly my parents managed to fit the bill for our lavish lifestyle. 

We both started working and got married just a few years ago. After the marraige i helped renovate her grandmoms house and started helping her family out with small loans and getting them on there feet it was wonderful to see her happy. so 2 years ago she took out a large loan to help in buying her mom and dad  small house, this ofcoz shocked me as these were the same people that beat her up years before but anyway people change so i helped her out again ignoring the renevations and work we needed to do to our own house, we soon found ourselves in debt her family was starting to cost me an arm n leg and we would have fights about it coz she never ever payed my grandad back for college and my parents for the rent or anything but would give money to people who hurt her and used her. 

around a year ago her brother which i soon discovered wasnt actually her brother but rather her side guy moved in with us as he had no place to go and u know i used to feed him got him his drivers licence, bought him cloths and all with my money while she was busy fucking him behind my back. 

last year her so called brother moved in with us at first as always he was a nice guy he would help clean n all and since i thought it was her brother i never once worried about them going out together or being home alone i stared working 2 jobs to help pay of the loans we now had accumulated. her "brother" did nothing abut getting a job he would sit and eat my food n watch tv all day. I caught her cheating on me when one day after work i decded to go visit her grany who obviously knew about her fake brother and was in on it but she happen to slip up that day she started telling me about how she wishes her son was like me and then told me i should go visit and speak to him and that he stayed in another town its only then that she realised her mistake and quickly changed the subject but it was to late i knew something was up so i acted stupid went home got a hidden camara started recording and boy was i shocked while i was work she would have sex with this guy and would give him money also, she would let him use our car as i noticed her giving him the car keys and what was even more shoking was she wasnt working for a full day instead she worked only 4 hours a day and was getting money from my grandads saving account transfered into her acount every month (as she had access to all his bank account details) so it looked as if she was getting payed a salary similar to mine.

i was furious after all i did for her she cheats on me steals mine and my families money puts me in debt and 3 months after getting a divorce she had the nerve to call me and ask if she could get a small loan from me like i was going to fucken say yes the idiot i feel so used even my friends are shocked by how badly i am in debt because of her..... its like i put my whole life on hold i wish i could turn back timei did not deserve this i was a nice faithful hardworking guy and all i got in return was a women that used me and my families kindness.


Advice: Stay single coz eventually everyone turns out to be rubish.

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Thursday, November 26, 2015 6:36 PM

I doubt the author went to "university". If you had went to "university", you could easily write a short story without all those run on sentences.


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