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Cheated and loved it

I cheated on my girlfriend

Friday, July 21, 2017 11:38 AM by Guest Rating: +25|-19

I was in fl with my gf for her friend's wedding at a ritz Carlton hotel. The night before the wedding my gf exhaused from the long flights was dead asleep. I could not sleep so i went to the bar for an old fashioned. It was late so there weren't too many people at the bar. I ordered my drink and sat down and i noticed this beautiful middle aged white lady seating a table away starring at me. I didnt pay her any mind since i thought she was way out of my league and not really the type of person someone like me hang around with. Now, I'm a tall muscular black guy, educated, but still rough around the edges. This chick on the oother hand was beautiful, refined, slim, nice creamy skin, very elegant chick, she looked like she came from money and probably married to a billionaire or something. I'm talking Mercedes Benz pussy here folks. I looked at her and she smiled and i thought to myself I know that smile. A couple of drunk people nearby were making fools of themselves, i looked at her and said "i guess that's what vacations are for" and she said "i guess so". I moved to the seat next to her and I started talking to her about how i was there for a wedding and it turned out she was there for a wedding also. She told me she was a banker and she was married and had 2 kids. When she asked about what i did i told her i was a sex therapist for the elderly. She laughted and said "what?" and i said "yeah, i help grandmas get off. It's my way of giving back to soceity." she was laughing uncontrollably and i thought to myself time to go in for the kill.  She was so hot, silky smooth black her nice long neck, firm body, she looked almost asian. I looked at her laughing and picturing my big black dick slowly penetrating her soft rosy lips. I wanted to make some body contact to get her even more comfortable so i transitioned the conversation to the most vunerable part of the human body, which gave an execuse to tourch her head and chest. I placed my hands on her chest right under ber boobs and looked straight into her eyes and said "now, there's no place on the human body more vulnerable than the heart". I kept my hands there for a little while just to see how she would react. That's when she gave me the ready look. I said to her "let me walk you to your room" and she responded nervously "ok". I walked her to her room and once she oppened the door i leaned slowly in and kissed her softly. We kissed and took each other's top off slowly. She unbuckled my pants and rubbed her soft white hands on my big veiny black cock and looked at me as if she had been waiting for it her entire life. She layed on the bed and as i crawled on top her she gave me that submissive look that I often get from women when they are about take in a 10in long thick veiny black cock. At first it seemed she would only be able to handle the tip, but I was patient with her and took it nice and slow. With every in and out I went in a little deeper until she took in all 10 inches. My black muscular body on top of her white petite body and my 10in cock stretching her little vagina. I was proud of her she took all 10inches like a champ. 3hrs and 3 orgasm later all she was exausted and all she wanted to do was sleep. She asked me to cuddle her and said we'll go for another round in the morning. She didn't know that my girlfriend was waiting for me just a couple of rooms down. We kept seeing each other, flying accross the country just to be each other. We'd joke our elaborate excuses we made to our partners and she'd tell me how i would stretch her pussy so much that she couldn't feel her husband inside her and also how she was afraid that he would notice how stretched her pussy was.

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