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Cheated on ex

I cheated on my girlfriend

Sunday, March 26, 2017 6:31 PM by Guest Rating: +2|-5

I used to be with a girl for 2 years. She was my first and only love. We were amazing together but broke up because of silly fights. A year later I wanted to get back with her but she wasn't so sure. We met up a lot, went on a lot of dates. She still wasn't sure as she had final exams coming up and said it would be better if she left it till after exams before deciding whether she wanted to be with me or not. I was fine with that because I loved her like mad still and saw my future with her. So I waited and waited, we still met up now and then and talked regularly but we were stil not together. 

On one night I was incredibly drunk and she was at the same club. I ended up taking a girl home. My ex saw all this and was very upset and angry. I apologised to her a lot and felt disgusted with myself. I cried a lot because of what I had done, and really regretted it. However she blocked me on everything and refuses to talk to me. I have tried my best to explain to her that I would never done something like this if we were together but that it was still very disrespecful. I still want to be with her but wish she would understand how sorry I am and that I did not mean to upset her.

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