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cheater and a liar

My boyfriend cheated on me

Friday, June 24, 2016 2:42 AM by Mazra12 Rating: +3|-1

hi everyone thanks for taking out time to read this.. So me and my boyfriend have been together for more than a year now& i caught him cheating on me. I thought everything was going fine he was very good at hiding his true intentions and the way he really felt. I'm still so upset and angry and i have noone to talk to about it. I don't have any close friends or someone who i can trust I only have him which hurts even more now.. Anyway i just guessed his instagram password and got onto his account in his DMs. My heart literally broke in two I couldn't breathe propely I couldn't believe my eyes.. He was talking to anumber of girls but his Ex's chat was at the top of the list. I read through the conversation the way he was speaking to her telling her how much he missed her and how he was dying to hear her voice. He told her he still loves her and he wants to see her, she doesn't live in the same town as us so she didn't know about me and him he only ever spoke about me to her as a close friend. To top things off hes said the same things to the both of us sending us the same love quotes and posts about being loyal and feeling loved. I don't know what I've done to deserve any of this, yeah weve been through alot together but i really thought we were madly inlove with eachother.. I guess i only felt that way. The biggest bombshell is she's getting married in a few weeks time, after seeing all of it i did what anyone would do i told him to leave me alone and he couldn't have hurt me anymore than he has. Its Like he didn't even care i guess love is full of shit. I'm scared thou to be alone to have noone because he was my everything i did everything for him i always told him and showed him how much I loved him i still do love him and a part of me just can't seem to let go of him. 

I just need someone to tell me what to do how do i move on from this. I'm going to be starting university soon and he won't be going to the same one as me so maybe this is the time for a fresh start. 

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Saturday, June 25, 2016 3:40 PM

Make copies of everything you have found and send them to the ex, and her fiance if you can find out who it is.  Put a guilt trip on her and see how she handles her fiance finding out about her.  Then dump your loser boyfriend.  Being alone is far better than trying to be with someone who doesn't love and respect you.  You deserve better than that.

Saturday, June 25, 2016 9:25 PM

The way you describe how you did everything for him, and how you are scared to be alone, it seems you have very low self esteem. You need to be single for a while. Definately break up with him, he disrespected you twice over by pursuing his ex and then shrugging off your feelings. The second thing you need to do is start respecting yourself. Be single and proud. No one is going to give you more respect than you show for your own self, and expect from your partner. As a man, if I see a woman who lets herself be treated poorly, it lowers my estimation of how attractive she is. Sorry to say it that way, but it's kind of unavoidable. If you don't carry yourself like you're worthy of respect, you will just be disrespected again. Don't do everything for your next boyfriend- treat him well, but treat yourself well first. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016 9:44 AM

I've been there where you are I was with someone for 7 months who kept lying, keeping secrets & cheated on me while we were together. With the help of my friends I had no choice but to break up with my bf, leaving him for good not gonna lie it was really intense at first but I had to do it. Do yourself a favor & break it off with him, it's so much better being alone & free then feeling like shit everyday. You'll be so much stronger than ever before leaving someone who doesn't care about your feelings at all. YOU need to learn how to stand up for yourself & not take any crap from anyone who treats YOU like that. Honestly, I am stronger now than I ever was back then just for leaving my bf, being single & having no negative bullshit from guys like him. YOU need to learn how to be independent, have faith in yourself & be positive. Don't let a guy define who YOU are on the inside & out. Don't worry you'll find someone who treats you better & LOVES you for being only YOU 😉


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