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My boyfriend cheated on me

Tuesday, August 2, 2016 10:42 PM by Guest Rating: +4|-4

long story short here.... Boyfriend and I were together on and off for about five years with many problems, break ups, etc. After breaking up for 8 months, we got back together and things were (kind of?) looking up. Or at least, I thought. I was more head over heels for him, mostly because I didn't want him to be with anyone else and I knew that was very much possible. My own stupidity lead to his infidelity. He treated me like shit, always chose his friends over me, cared more about pot and making lots of money. Became a real jackass and although I knew I deserved better, I stayed. He decided to go on vacation with his best friend, didn't tell me until the night before he left that another girl who was a family friend was going. She was younger than us, so I wasn't worried. He leaves for vacation, and I'm trying to contact him for two days. No answer, however he was all over social media. Once I realized he was ignoring me I did the same, waited for him to text me. Two days goes by, I get the "hey baby" text. I blew up on him. Read and never replied. Guess that was my way of figuring we were on another weekly breakup. A week later I found out him and that girl had sex multiple times during that vacation. Even more embarrassing, his best friends mom walked in on them together. I was pretty much the last one to know. Tore me to shreds. He dated her for about five months afterwards when he finally begged for me back. 

I did take him back. And he's a changed man, (I know kind of hard to believe). But he is. He constantly gets shit from me still for what he did and who he was. He takes it all. He tries to be a good boyfriend to me all the times do make up for his fuck up but sometimes I feel like it's never enough. It will never be enough, how can you change the truth? Memories? The way he made me feel continues to linger. He ruined me for a long time and I was weak enough Togo back to him because it was comfortable. Trust me, I already am ashamed enough so fuck off if you have any rude comments! 

The reason I made this post was because what my boyfriend did has changed me for the rest of my life and not even just my relationship with him. It's made me too independent to truly want to be with him as much as I did before I'm young, I want to adventure and explore the world. I want to meet new people and have new experiences. I feel bad because we've been together for about 6 months now and he wants nothing more than to move in together and be together forever. 

Idk, kind of just venting. Comment if you want I guess 

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Friday, August 5, 2016 11:32 AM

He's gonna cheat again. 

Friday, August 5, 2016 7:41 PM

1- You like being wirh him more after he cheated on you because you have the upper hand and he is in a period of weakness. Don't enjoy taking advantage of someone in a period of weakness because you will envy him once he grows out of it and becomes a better person. Not healthy. 

2- You will eventually cheat on him get out of there now or you will do worst than he has ever done to you. 

3- explore the world with dignity and respect, explore the world single. And find a trusting guy. Not a cheater lile you are slowly turning into yourself. You deserved better. But now it seems you deserve noone at all. 


Tuesday, August 9, 2016 6:56 AM

The issue is people can forgive but can't forget. Therefore if the situation is so deep that remembering it makes you question your partner it is evident to see it will be worse to stay with him. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016 8:24 PM

You must be aware that no matter what you do you will probably leave him.

If you really want to stay with him there are a couple of ways that you can possibly do so. These are what I would call "advanced techniques."  Don't even try these unless you are sure that you want to stay with him because these come with a high emotional cost. I'm just going to mention the techniques here. If you are interested come back here and say that you are interested and I will give more details. Here are the possible ways. 1) you could leave him for a while and have a relationship with someone else. Then after a while go back to this guy. It is a risky strategy, but it could put you on an even footing. 2) There is a revenge fuck strategy that could work. I'm not talking about a standard revenge fuck. This is the riskiest statrategy of all because it comes at a very high emotional cost to you.  I'm not normally an advocate of revenge fucks, but in this case it might work for you.


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