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Cheating wife

My wife cheated on me

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 1:31 AM by Guest Rating: +28|-15

All right so this is my story, I starting dating my wife when we were 19, I was her first, I took her V card. We married had our first child very young. After out first year of marriage everything was great, great sex, communication everything was good. I was working taking care of her and going to school, we both were going to school. I used to play soccer after school, we were attending a small college. After classes a group of guys would get together and play soccer that were we meet a guy name Oscar. My wife Mary was the jelouse type, she did not like for me to hug other girls when saying hi, did not like me having girl friends on online websites nothing. I respected that so I would just hand shake my friends, deleted friends off social media the whole nine yards. Yet she was still talking to her guy friends, I was never the jelouse type so I did not care about it. So back to this Oscar guy, he was a fit guy, so was I, I ran a lot kept in shape because I played lots of soccer. So since I was married, I was technically off the radar for the girls that were around our social group, So this guy Oscar was one of the studs around, and the ladies kind of like him. So my wife somehow got his number, and started to talk to Oscar about personal stuff, and that's when my wife started to accused me of cheating and being with other girls, since I had a full time job at night shift and then had school in the mornings sometime I was sleepy just chilling in one of the student areas, I would notice my wife smiling at her phone and I notice that Oscar was across from us she was texting him, she started to get close to him one day she told him while touching his abs, you have abs of steal. so I confronted her about that she said that she was not cheating or anything, that they were just friends. so I let that go. Fast foward like 2 years, by now I thing we had been together almost 4 years. we move to a different city, she was pregnant again but we had a miscarriage, the baby did not developed it was only 2 months. so that was hard for us since we wanted this baby, during this time she was always the jealous one accusing me of talking to women or friends and that I wanted to duck all of them. During this time she started to talk on the phone via text messages to a old high school friend/ middle school boyfriend. She once told me that if she had not meet me she saw her marrying this guy name Leo.  I did not know they were texting, so from her story she just started texting him like friends the typical "how are you", how you been. In one of her conversation she ask why he did not want to date her during high school, and she reply because you did not seem like the girl that like to duck around, I guess he was fucking some of the girls in high school. Around this time I had a huge gut feeling, it was just hurting me, I felt sick at work, I did not know what was going on. So one night I check her email, luckily I remember her telling me that her password was my nickname, so I'm going through this the emails, and I see one personal, I start reading it and it from a guy that is going threw a divorce, My wife was going threw some school training and she was taking care of the guys little girl, so I read up on the exchange emails and it seem like they had try to hang out already and had private conversations at her work. So I knew that there was something going on, she was looking for someone to fuck, I read the email on a Sunday at work, so I was so upset I went home I was so mad, I get home I check the phone record, she had been texting every day and night this one number, she would text this number up to when I was arriving home. So I wake her up and ask, she was already freaking out, who is this number she try to lie saying it was a friend from her soccer team, and then she told me it was her friend Leo, after telling her that I was leaving her and that she needed to call her mom to pick her ass up, she had no choice but to tell me everything, she had been texting her Friend Leo over a few weeks, talking about her being lonely, inviting him over to fuck, we live about 3 hours from where he was at so she said they never meet. she send him nude pictures, they talk about meeting up and what they wanted to do to each other, she said she would try anal with him and that she wanted to fuck real hard, I made her tell me about Oscar, and she also said that they talk about hooking up but only if she was not married, and never got a clear answer to what happen to the other divorce guy. It took me a month maybe more, to squeeze every once of information I could, had her text me and write me a Email about what happened with all these three guys, just so I can have a record. She said she never had sex withe any guy, but she did send nudes to her high school friend Leo. During this time she was willing to do anything for me because she did not want to loose me or what ever so, I had fun with her, she gave me some of the best blow jobs I have ever had, fuck her so hard until she had a hurting face, stuck it up her ass so deep making her hurt, and then putting back in her mouth. So I had a very submissive wife, but unlucky for me I got her pregnant again, so we had a second child, so I try to forgive, she still tries to blame me of cheating, and now four years later 8 Years of marriage we are having a third child, she is still very jealous person, accusing me of trying to cheat all the time, I don't know what to do, I know I'm a idiot, I'm only 28, I sometime when we are having sex I remember and it just ruins the moment, I try so hard to trust her, and she is till blaming me for her cheating. I will never know if she actually had sex with other guys, and like the saying says once a cheater always a cheater.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016 5:04 AM

     SIMPLE no trust no relationship. Your together because of the kids. Leave and find yourself  a women. She keeps acussing you because she either is thinking or doing it again. Why live a life wondering. She not in love she is living a comfortable  life. Will she take half  probably. Let her have to its better to live with a piece  of  mind.  Tell to fuck anyone she want. Tell her you don't  care.say I'm now going to be the hoe you make me out to be and fuck any women I want . 7

Saturday, January 30, 2016 9:59 PM

At some point she will want someone else. History has a way of repeating itself. It's a persons inability to be faithful. She will want another guy again. 3 kids, will not matter. I call these people carrot followers. Stories of greener grass are told and they will follow. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016 7:36 PM

Its still not too late to correct your mistakes, get a divorce.

Sunday, February 7, 2016 3:40 PM

Your wife is a cheater. She will cheat again. She needs it. If you want to have a cheating wife, stay married. If you find being married to a cheater painful and disgusting, get a divorce. She will not change, she is stupid, selfish, and mentally ill. In short, she is a bad person. 

Friday, March 25, 2016 10:36 PM

Please get rid of her bud. I faced a similar sitauation where my wife had an affair for 3 years and i didnt know about it till the day i caught them red handed in my house on my bed. We had 3 kids during our marriage of 7years. From which i found out that the third child did not belong to me. Its truly not worth it. She did not even have any regrets of her wrong doing. She will cheat you again no matter how submissive she is. I know you really enjoy having sex with her but then she is not worth it and just trouble. Its better that you get someone who is faithful and truly loving. I know it will take some time but it will work out for the best.


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