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I cheated on my husband

Friday, March 10, 2017 3:15 AM by Sara Rating: +2|-6

 am 35 and happily married to an amazing guy. We have two kids and living a very good life. I am a working woman and on and off required to travel to different places. I would never have thought of cheating but it happened and am still quite shameful of it but it just happened. On some conference / training workshop I was away from home for about a week. My husband in such times take care of kids as he is so supportive.

At the conference I met one of my old colleagues and manager after about ten years. In my initial days he was not just my manager but my mentor as well. I was truly impressed by him, he was very talented, competent and a true professional. He was physically attractive as well and was married with kids. Later he was transferred to some other country and I also moved from there. Now we were again together and incidentally he and I were in same team. Knowing each other well we naturally were doing things consulting each other. In the third evening he came to my room and we started updating each other about our lives he took interest in knowing about my family life and was happy about it. I showed him the pictures of my family and how everything was going on. When I asked him about his family and kids he told me that his wife had left  him and now he was living alone. His kids were with his ex and he visits them weekly. He was very sad about it and looked like he was about to cry. I hugged him to.console and he actually cried. Sitting on the sofa he had his head on my breasts and then he remained like that for few minutes and then thanked me to console him. He then told me that he always liked me not just as a junior colleague but as a smart and sexy well. He then said that he was missing female company and could I do him this favor? I was a bit confused and hesitant but looking at his plight and no denying that I always liked him, I agreed. Then we had great sex, it was intense and hot. We took shower together and it felt good naked together. We then slept and in early morning he again woke me up through his caressing and soft touching. Another round of hot sex and then he left for his room. For the remaining two nights we slept together discreetly and it was so satisfying.

Now when I think of it, I have mixed feelings, betraying my husband on one side cause regret and having good time with my first crush result in fulfillment of an old desire!

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Sunday, March 12, 2017 12:36 AM

Ooh so what matters to you is your desire rather than loyalty. I wish your husband find out and leave you! Stupid married to a great guy having a good life yet ruining it by selfish desire! Hahaha kee it up good woman!


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