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I cheated on my husband

Monday, December 19, 2016 9:21 PM by Guest Rating: +31|-26

My husband and I married in 2003 after a couple months of dating. I was in a relationship prior to him, but the guy hurt me. Moving along everything was just perfect we enjoyed each other. In 2007 we moved out of town, and one day I found out he was talking to a girl in our apartment complex. That was the first time and he swore it wouldnt happen again, he claimed they didnt have sex. 2009 i got pregnant and we moved back home, once again everything was perfect and we had an addition to the family. He was the best dad ever. In 2014 we started to argue then one day he ups and leaves me and moves in with a woman with 5 kids, i was devastated hurt. He stayed with her for about a year. This woman an I argued, stalked each other whatever you can name we did. I loved him and wanted my family, so he was living with her and still coming to see me. 2015 he eventually came back pleading he was sorry and he was tired of arguing and wanted to work it out. So i took him back i wanted my child to have her father. Everything started to fall back in place. One day he left his phone and there were so many messages from other women he was even on a dating site. So we split agin. 2016 in August he walked off his job of 4 years and moved 2 hours away with no explanation. I knew something wasnt right when I came home all his clothes were gone. Finally he called and said he was sorry but he needed to find himself and work on him. A bunch of BS if you ask me. So people started talking around town and was saying he had a girlfriend at this job he just left, of course he denied it each time i asked. Then i had a guy come to me and say thats messed up what your husband did, i said what he do he said he met a girl off the internet and went to stay with her. I was so freaking mad asked him of course he denied it. He finally confessed to having a girlfriend at his old job. Once again like a fool I let him come back in october 2016. It took him about 3 weeks to find a job he got one and started working 2nd shift again (thats how things started falling apart, I work 1st shift). Now he comes home late says he working. Drinks all the time, hang out in the streets, come home late every weekend. He is verbally abusive, never wants to go out together anywhere, keeps his phone on silent and always on FACEBOOK. My ex prior to this relationship mom died and I went to the funeral, and we have been talking getting back to know each other every since then. I even went to spend the weekend with him out of town this weekend and we had a blast. So now hubby is begging to come back home, he says he has no where to go, but i'm emotionally drained and ready to move on now. I may have missed a couple of things trying to type fast. But what do I do??? Do i try to work it out, have 2 men, or just move on. I want to be happy.


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Tuesday, December 27, 2016 10:35 PM

Your hubby sounds like an unstable man when it comes to relationships. So unstable that a man like him is best off staying single all his life. You might be best off moving on from him now since he has played you a lot (and how many other women too) and be with a guy with whom things might work out in the long term.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017 9:40 PM

Plain and simple your dumb.  How could tolerate the father of your child to live in the same complex with another woman?  you  take him back then you ask us if you should still give him another chance lol 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 10:33 PM

No you are dumb for not reading what I said completely!! I said talking meaning having conversation (not going with or living with).



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