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Confused and Afraid of Change

My boyfriend cheated on me

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 8:15 PM by Guest Rating: +2|-9

So I am 21 years old about to turn 22 this month I have been with my boyfriend who is 26 for 3 years we have a daughter who will be 8 months on the 15th. This relationship had been rocky from the very beginning he is the first man I have had a real relationship with so here's where it started and why I'm asking for help. At the beginning I was 18 like to party hook up with random guys I never thought I would settle down until I met him. When we first started dating I got cold feet I was asking myself am I ready for something serious? Do I want something long term? It wasn't until after the damage was done that I realized it was what I wanted I cared for this man and wanted to have a live with him the damage to the relationship well I cheated. There is no excuse for cheating it's wrong in so many ways But I don't confess I wasn't honest with him I was living with my best friend at the time I cheated. I moved out and she got so angry she face booked my boyfriend and told him I cheated. After he found out he decided to forgive me and continue the relationship.  After a few months went by things seemed normal we got our own place together both had jobs until one day the backstabbing so called best friend shows up at our door step right after I get home from work she apologized for what she did blah blah blah she had brought with her another girl I was friends with in high school I let them both in the house and from then on things just got weird he was accusing me of cheating when I wasn't he seemed so distant and I didn't understand why until I was at work one night and got a 20 page text from the "best friend" telling me they had been talking for the past few weeks I go home to confront him and he tells me the day she showed up at the door she kissed him and grabbed his dick while I was in the bathroom. As angry as I was I listened to what he had to say we continued the relationship. After that not to long after I found out he had another Facebook that Facebook he was not only talking to her on but the other girl I went to high school with as well right before I found out about the Facebook the same weekend to be exact I was gonna go for some pizza and bowling with a few friends right before I left he told me he had to work now usually he texts or calls on his breaks and his breaks are usually around the same times after I had gotten home I found it strange that I hadn't hear from him his shift was 6 pm to 6 am after texting asking if everything was OK and no response for hours I get a text at 2 am from his phone calling me a slut now in any women's mind they are probably thinking wtf after that text I heard nothing more the rest of the night freaked out and worried I tried to sleep come 6 am he never came home he calls me at 1 in the afternoon saying he was coming to get some of his things I didn't know who he was with where he was staying come to find out the girl I went to high school with had been talking to him as well long story short a lot of men think cheating is physical it's not just about if u slept with her or not it's sending nude pictures or talking dirty he not only did this once or twice 4 times 3 times with the same girl. All the cheating he did had never become physical until recently. ... I was going to Texas for 2 weeks to stay with my mother who has stage 4 breast cancer the night I left he contacted an ex gf from high school drove 2 hours to get her and 2 hours to take her home just so she could come into my home have sex with him on my bed. . And that's not even the best part the next day I get a phone call from him saying something happen at first he wouldn't tell me but I could hear the concern in his voice so I pushed and I heard the 4 words no women wants to hear I cheated on you now the only reason he came clean was because the ex didn't know he was still in a relationship and when she found out she was so angry she called the police and claimed rape.. out of all the bulls hit he has had 4 Facebook all the cheating began with Facebook and out of 4 I have 3 of the passwords I'm concerned that he may be using the other Facebook even tho he has told me he doesn't know the password I heard from a some what reliable source that he was posting things about being drunk and unhappy and that this person was just concerned about his well being but when I brought it up to him all he did was get angry I have dealt and put up with way more shit then I deserve i just need to know if he's lying because if he is I'm packing my shit and I'm gone I can't be emotionally drug thru the mud any longer...what should I do?

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Sunday, August 30, 2015 5:10 PM

first off you seem like a delightful girl, and I hate to hear that you were going through this. Everyone makes mistakes but it appears that he continues to do so in spite of your commitment and everything that you have going on. You were able to get your stuff together after you messed upand he should be able to do so as well. However, I do not believe that he will do so. You deserve better. Email me and we can discuss more off-line. I know such decisions are hard but they have to be made.

Saturday, September 5, 2015 12:08 AM

Creep above ^.. To be honest, you cheated first. Wouldn't have made me stay if I was in his shoes. He had no right to cheat MULTIPLE times. Maybe once. Being Blunt, just leave him. 

Sunday, September 6, 2015 2:20 AM

bitch youa used up slut anyways you lucky his ass stayed with yoir herpies filled pussie, you're grimy af. srsly yall toxic people yall need tobkill yourselves you're whats wrong with society.

Friday, November 13, 2015 10:55 PM

You seem like a sweet girl. Don't listen to any of the negative comments. At the very least, you womaned up and admitted your wrong doings. It seems like to me that he's not man enough to tell you what's going on. And the fact that he has 4 Facebook accounts is a major red flag. Just dump him if you haven't already. You deserve better. 


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