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Did my coworker wanted something?

I cheated on my wife

Monday, December 19, 2016 2:06 AM by Guest Rating: +2|-5

I went to a company conference in a different city for 5 days. The first day, at lunch time, I followed a coworker from the same company but from a different city to the lunch restaurant since I didnt know the location of it. We sat one next to the other with other coworkers from other cities, but she started inmediatly to talk to me. After some regular work chat for some minutes, the first ¨personal¨question she asked me was, ahh I see you are married, looking at my ring (I noticed she was wearing a ring too) and started asking questions about my wife. I answered the questions and we talked a little bit more about work. At the end of the day, I email her asking if she was going to have dinner. She said no, she had to do some work, but the next day for sure she was going to go out.

The next day she had lunch with some other assitants to the conference and at the end of the day I said to her that some other coworkers were going out but she said she was going to the city to meet an old friend. I went out with other people.

The third day we had a group dinner paid by the company. We walked to the restaurant for some blocks. Before starting the walk she approached me and started talking to me. She had this big eyes look to me and laughing about  everything I said. We arrived to the restaurant almost separated from the main group. We sat together in the same table with some other workers. She was laughing and made some silly thing to tease me. She always looking at me. At the end of the food, she said do you want to go, I said yes, and us two and two other left. Going down the stair, she almost fell (we were a little drunk) and I grab her from the hips, she smiled at me.. The first two people walked in front of us and we stayed in the back talking all the way back to the hotel. At some point she said, whatever happens in this training stays in this training.  Almost close to the elevators to our rooms, she said I am so smart. That night I learned she is my same age. We said goodnight in the elevator. At that point I was thinking, what is happening here! I think I like her, what should I do? I was confused..

The fourth day, I met her, with other coworkers at lunch and we talked some work related stuff and walked back to class. At the end of the conference that day, I asked her and a person next to her if they wanted to go out. She said yes. When we all met (like 8 people) she just came next to me and started talking. We separated from the group and followed them to a bar. We ate and had drinks. During dinner she mentioned my wife again and wanted to see a picture of her. I showed the picture. I touched her knee a couple of times. We decided to go to a different bar, again we walked alone following the group and I complemented her a couple of times. At the second bar, she started buying drinks for both and another girl from the group. We started getting drunk and at some point I grab her from the hips and stayed there. She didn’t care. Some time later she paid and just in front of me she put the receipt in her bra and looked at me. We left and walked to the hotel. Each of us went to our rooms. I fell asleep. I woke up 3 hours later and saw a message: I found the ticket in my bra. This is all your fault. I wrote her back that I wanted to see her one more time before she left. I called her but no answer.

She messaged me the next day on her way to the airport. Just to say goodbye and mentioning that she was drunk and the ticket in her bra.

Overall this is the first time this happens to me after marriage (less then 2 years). I didn’t know what she wanted. Maybe she wanted me to go to her room the last night? What do you think? Did I like her?

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