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Ex.. or husband? ..

I cheated on my husband

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 9:41 PM by Guest Rating: +1|-7

What i did was terrible of me i cheated on my husband with my ex and he knows but not everything that went on. Let me go back from the beginning i met my ex through facebook and we started out as friends but became something more i was only 14 and he was 12 when we first met (yeah i know) he was really mature for his age and ver y attractive we became gf and bf after 2 months stayed together for 3 then we broke it off because of some stupid arguement. I was in 8 and he was in 7, so then next year we were gana go to the same school. When it happened we got back together dated that whole year and saddly he had to move to a different state but we stayed together, we had a long distance relationship it wasnt easy, it was very kuz there were some trust issues and times were we didnt talk for weeks and that got me so worried because i love this guy alot, he helped me get through so much i wasnt so close to my dad we would always fight, i rango away once and my ex was there for me of course he didnt want me to do it but he helped me through it all, he gave me some great advice everything that i ever wanted in a guy. We were in love we were our first, he told me everything about his family, same as me he didnt get a long With his parents so we understood each other, he kept telling me he was gana come back for me and we would get married and all and i believed every word, i wanted it. We stayed in the distance relationship for 3 years and finally he did came back he was a senior and i had already graduated(2015) so this happened last year. But 2 weeks before he came i met this guy at work, i didnt like him so much at  first but got to know him more he was super sweet so nice to me we would kinda mess around and he gave me his number, i wasnt gana do anything but i told my cousin this and she said i should txt him so i did and we got too close .. now a Day before my bf ,at that time, came i told him that me and the guy (now my husaband) Kissed he wasnt too happy but he let it go (more had happened between me and him but i didnt have the guts to tell him yet) so the next Day he moved back and i went to pick him up after work we Hung out and it was wonderful, he didnt have a place to stay so he stayed With me, now With the other guy we kinda had a thing, since i saw him everyday at work ( he knew about my bf and he had a gf at that time too) i tried telling him that i wanted to stay With my bf but that didnt go to well. So then a week later (my bf knew about this guy and that we talked at work) me and my bf sat down and talked he told me that 2 years ago when he moved away that he cheated on me he said that he was gana tell me but never did, so thats when i told him that i had sex With the guy and he didnt take it too well.. i honestly felt really bad i never wanted to do that to him we tried to work things out but i was just so guilty kuz i wasnt the best gf and i really liked  this guy so me and my bf split he stayed With my brother and i just started dating this guy .. things went well he took me out to eat bought me flowers took me shopping, then about a month and ahalf later we were engaged.. then a month after we got into fights him telling me that i dont care about him kuz i never talk to him, the first time i ever told him something was when i was gana see my cousin and she was high i told him this and he freaked out on my started yelling at me that i shouldnt go see her kuz thats bad influence  (really) .. anyway we got into this big fight and i didnt wana be telling him stuff like that if we were gana be fighting. So we fought made up again and again, he even said after every fight he was gana kills himself kuz i didnt care i wanted to end it With him but couldnt .. we got married it was a good Day weeks went by things were ok but i still Deep inside had feelings for my ex .. so to keep the story short me and my husband argeed alot weve only been married for about 4 months, i was always thinking that hes cheating on me kuz he would hide his phone when he used it or take it to the bathroom With him in the Middle of the night i would tell him this and he would explode telling me i do the same, well i have searched his fone havent really found anything, so anyway i found a couple months ago that ime pregnant i was happy dont lie. But me and him would still argue him getting all in my Face yelling at me i would cry he wouldnt care. At night when we argued he would take his ring off give it to me tell me hes worthless and that i dont care about him then leave and wouldnt come back for hours, i wasnt happy at all, sometimes he would grab me and hold me down (only happened twice) all i  could think about was my ex how he never done any of this how happy i used to he With him, i wanted to talk to him so bad and finnaly gave in and did, i asked my brother for his number and we started talking. One day we met up i told him i was 2 months pregnant he was happy for me, then we kissed, madeout, i told my husband this after 3 days had passed its been a week and i dont know what to do, i still love my ex but  cant leave my husband he tore some tendons in his knee and needs help ... my husband knows that i still have feelings for my ex and kinda got the hint that i may leave, hes been telling me that hes sorry and will Change.. my ex says that he doesnt want to get hurt again hes willing to take me back even thou im pregnant ... i just want some oppions, what would you do if you were in my shoes.. 

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016 4:43 AM

Forget about the men. And be the best mother you can be. Once you have a child these men need to become irrelevant. You sound young. I hope things work out for you tho.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 7:37 AM

I dont really care what you do. Your situation is supremely fucked up and I wish you were not bringing an innocent child into it. It sounds like everyon involved except maybe your husbands ex girlfriend is a scumbag so you can all go to hell as far as I am concerned. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 8:09 PM

What the goddamn mess , anyone cheated on any one else :/ except your husband ex 

To be honest i dont give a shit what happens , you first need to change your self , you cheated on your boyfried wo cheated on you and had affair with guy who had a girlfriend 

For god sake no one in this story worth a shit , your cousin , brother both supported cheating 

I will not ever be in your shoes , i dont marry someone who cheated on his girlfriend with me , i mean thats most idiotic thing to do , you should had idea what the fucking mess it will turn out , you betrayed both your ex and your husband 

I hope it turned out less shity and your child can ever understand what dose a family mean , just for your own sake figure this one problem in your life with your mind not feelings


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