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Girlfriend Swallowed Jock Friend?

My girlfriend cheated on me

Saturday, February 4, 2017 5:14 AM by Guest Rating: +2|-5

Found out recently that my high school girlfriend gave a blowjob to a friend of mine at a house party we attended years ago. He and I grew up together but were never really that close. She was hot, but he was conventionally more attractive, as evidenced by all the girls constantly throwing themselves at him. She was from another town, so this was her first time meeting him.

While I was playing beer pong in the backyard I noticed they were sitting together on the stoop, chatting casually over a beer. A few games later, I noticed she disappeared. I went inside, and they were sitting on the couch inside, laughing and flirting among the crowd. Thinking nothing of it, I pulled her away to play a drinking game with me. Midway through the night, in front of all my friends, she kissed one of my female friends--whom I'd messed around with when we were temporarily broken up--because they wanted to show there were no hard feelings between them (even though there were). My girlfriend said they were best friends now, and that she was going to sleep over her house down the block. Enjoying their show of drunken affection I gave them my blessing, and when it was getting late I told her I was going home for the night and that I'd pick her up in the morning. 

Around sunrise I got a call: "Baby, can you pick me up from your friend's?" I drove over, and when she got in the car I asked her how the rest of the night was. She said she got my female friend to hook up with her crush. No other details mentioned.

A year later my girlfriend visited one of her friends at his college and gave him a blowjob to completion. She was always really good at giving head (I've never had better), and I thought it was the first time she swallowed anyone other than me. I was so jealous someone else got to the experience the heaven that was mine for the past two years--an ugly guy no less. She said they would have fucked, but she was on her period. So she blew him. She told me "it was fucking hot" as he moaned while he came in her mouth. Either way, I was fooling around with girls myself while I was away at college, she and I realized we wanted to explore, and we decided to break up. No hard feelings. Breakup sex was hot. Though she wouldn't give me bjs anymore, except once on my 19th birthday. (But she'd still give them to her hookups.) That was the last time she gave me head, and it was by far the best blowjob I've ever gotten. After a while we started seeing other people and stopped talking.

Then recently my female friend told me while she was hooking up with her crush at the party in high school, my ex was sucking off the dude she was flirting with earlier in a guest room. Apparently the two went into the room together, my friend heard some bumping (I remember my girlfriend was on her period, otherwise she probably would have fucked him), and they eventually exited the room together. The dude was super hammered and ended up sleeping on a lawn chair in a neighbor's backyard. My girlfriend never told me about this, even though she told me everything else she did. I guess she thought it was too close to home, and would be more trouble than it's worth being honest in this case. My friend told me that one day the dude--a pretty genial guy, simple, and definitely a big jock--told her that my girlfriend had sucked his dick. I always thought something might have happened, and this confirmed it for me. Out of curiosity I texted my ex. We struck up a conversation, caught up a little, and eventually I admitted I couldn't help but wonder if she and the dude "hooked up"--to put it nicely--all those years ago. She replied only with "Haha why," which served as a double confirmation. 

Then I happened to run into the dude at a New Year's party. No love lost really. Shit happens, never that close anyway. Didn't talk about it with him, no need.

Anyway, it was just funny that after all these years I thought that the first guy she cheated on me with was her ugly college friend, and I was completely wrong. She snuck a little drunken revenge blowjob in there, to a guy she probably found way more attractive than me. Wonder if she swallowed him. Probably. Guess he and I are eskibros, making us much closer than I thought.

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