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Good Girl

My wife cheated on me

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 7:23 AM by Guest Rating: +58|-35

So I was in college several years ago and started dating a really attractive young woman.  I had been with several cute girls before but this one was extremely attractive.  Pretty much everyone in the dorm wanted to fuck her and for some unexplained reason she choose me.  Looking back on it she had some issues and basically liked me because i was totally in love with her.  I pretty much gave up all my friends and just focused on her.  She would blow me every day and then do my laundry and make biscuits for breakfast.  We ended up moving into together and she started pressuring me to get married.  She grew up in the area and we would see old family friends of hers and she would start crying saying that we were living together and it made her look bad.  Like a dumb fuck and I caved and married her.  

On the face of it she was the last girl in the world who would cheat.  She hardly drank and was from a really good family.  After a couple of years I started reconnecting with my firends and doing what  college students do (drink and have fun). .  She constantly complained that I liked my firends more than her.  We would have massive fights and then end up having incredible make up sex.  She ended up getting a job as a cocktail waitress which I thought was a good thing becuse she could loosen up a little and it would give me free time to party with my friends.  Eventually things between us seemed to go down hill.  I remember one day we went up to a lake with all her work friends and some of my firends.  I could tell that her freinds were really stand offish towards me and when we were leaving to drive home she asked if I minded if she rode home with Nick.  Nick was basically an older unattractive alcholic.  Like a dumb fuck, I said sure I will ride home with my firends as they were alot more fun.  

Sex between us had definetely slowed but we ended up going on Spring Break together and we fucked liked we used to.  On the way back into town, she made a stateent like "I am so excited to see my work friends".   Its funny that I can rember this so vividiy in my mind eventhough it was many years ago.  In the following weeks she would go to work and I would wake up at like 3 or 4 in the morning and she wasn't home.  I confronted her and she said that her freinds and her would like to grab a bite to eat after work.  One day I just decided to go over to Nick's  house late one night.  The house was totally disgusting and in one of the worst negiboorhoods in town.   Sure enough her car was in the driveway.  I knocked on the door and he answered with just underwear on.  I barged in and went down the hallway and she was freaking out in the bed.  I was shocked.  I basically told her to come with me or we where thorugh.  She indicaed that she didn't want to come with me.  I told her this was her only chance and don't bother coming home. I told Nick that I should kick his ass. He said somehting like, I am not just going to let you do that.  At that point I though about going after him but didn't.  I got in my truck and drove away.  It was funny because I had this huge sense of relief, like a heavy weight had been lifted of my chest.      I called her Dad at work the next day and told him all the details.  I regret doing this, not becasue of her but because of him.  He was a great guy and didn't deserve to hear the detials.  She called me the next day and asked if she could come get her stuff and bring someone to help.  I ased who and she sain "Who do you think".  I said if he comes over here I will kick his ass.  

She ended up coming over and getting her stuff by herself.  I was really respectful and did not have any harsh words for her.   I pretty much started just partying with my firends and sleeping with any girl that would have me.  They may have not been nearly as good looking as her but they were fun.  I was still in love with her and woudl see her out all the time.  And then one rainy night she came knoking on my door.  Her hair was wet and she looked hot as hell.  She just started cyring and telling me how  sorry she was.  Like a sucker I ended up sleeping with her a few more times.  She wanted to stay married but I said no fucking way and ended up divorcing her.  

This whole oredeal had a huge impact on my life.   It took me along time to trust any woman again.  I eventually met a great gal and we have great kids.  Has she ever cheated on me?  I will never really know for sure.




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