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High school sweetie heartbreak

My boyfriend cheated on me

Monday, March 28, 2016 10:30 PM by Preferred not to say Rating: +21|-2

Well I'm just going to start this out by saying sorry, this will be really long. 

I met my high school sweetheart my sophomore year in high school. He was the senior football star for another school a little down the road. All the girls loved him, of course, he was the hottest one on the team, who wouldn't fall for him? He and I first met at the movie theatre, while I was with a friend. We met at the snack bar and instantly clicked. We exchanged our numbers, and immediately started talking. As my sophomore year continued, we continued to talk. We met for a movie,   for our first date, and I was falling Inlove slowly but surely.  That night we talked and told each other about life and love. about the next week he picked me up from my house and I went to his first church softball game of the season, where I met his family and they all loved me. On our way back that night, I snuggled close to him as we pulled up to my house and he asked for me to be his girlfriend. I immediately said yes, and we had our first kiss. It literally made me have butterflies, no joke.

Him and I would spend every second possible together. My sophomore year ended, and there came summer. He was a senior, so his high school career ended. I went to his graduation, cheered screamed his name, and gave Hume a huge kiss for all of his accomplishments. I spent every single day with him after that. We would go out constantly. We spent the 4th of July together, my birthday, his birthday, Christmas, New Years, and so on. Not a moment went by when I wasn't with him. In the middle of winter, last year, he went up to his home state to visit his family. I trusted him, there was no worries on my part. I got on social media one night and realized he had been talking to other girls, and asking to meet up with him and hook up. I was hurt, I tried to end it there, but I couldn't, I loved him.

he came back, we made up, and more hell came. He was a forever cheater. After he came back, he was different. I got my first job, and I has my junior year coming to an end, and I was very stressed. I worked nonstop, make really bad grades, and I would never have time to spend with him. He would hang out with girls with his buddies and act like he didn't when I know he did. He would get drunk on tell me the next day that nothing happened. But how do I know that? If he could take me for granite once, he could cheat on me twice. I would get anonymous tips that he was cheating, they were all a right. One night I get a text from him that said he  was hanging out with this girl that he used to go to church with, and that we was going to tell me so I shouldn't get mad. I didn't think anything of it, until the next week. The next week at work I was told that my boyfriend was talking to another girl. I didn't think it was the so I told her to get me more proof. She got more proof and I got the text from her and I broke down.  I didn't talk to him about it at first, until he broke up our two year relationship over a shitty little text. He told me he didn't feel the same and that he was hurting, and that he would be better off alone. Didn't even call, didn't even say sorry and he loved me, he ran to his new girl about a week later. 

There were many times that I was hurt, many times that I was upset with him, but he would always cease to sweep me back off my feet. We dated a total of two years. I really loved him. I've completely removed him from my life, that was the most I could do.  I'm in tears typing this because my heart is still shattered. When I found out after he broke up with me, I literally didn't even shed a tear I just started at the headboard of my bed. No emotions spilled out or anything. Eventually, months later I asked if I could return his things, like his senior banner, senior jackets, senior moments that I had kept over the two years, and he ditched me a few times. He drove up to my house one night and I just opened the door to his truck and threw his stuff in , and I said goodbye. I was balling my eyes out, and he didn't even say anything. He had nothing to say, no emotions. Two years of waste. I never spoke to him again. He moved to another state. Him and his girlfriend are still together going strong, I guess. 

Sometimes I wish that we could start again, because my love, if you ever read this,  I loved you to the fullest extent I could ever love anyone. 


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Friday, April 1, 2016 9:37 AM

I know its hard but you need to move on. Best of luck to you.

Friday, April 1, 2016 8:50 PM

Young love is always the sweetest, but could also be the cruelist.  It's best that he moved out of state.  Get past him and you'll be ok.

Friday, May 20, 2016 4:28 PM

The first love is always the hardest when it ends.  Don't worry thus d-bag will cheat on every women he's ever with.


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