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Honeymoon with a mature lady

I cheated on my girlfriend

Monday, April 17, 2017 6:30 PM by Thebestmeat Rating: +45|-21

I'm 34, and in a relationship with a lovely lady for the past four years. She is good at everything, except sex. Our sexual life is very boring, and I miss the lust and fire and passion. It's been so frustrating for the past few months, as I have a high sex drive. I joined a dating site, and looked for any ladies willing to engage in a sexual affair with a guy in a relationship. I started chatting to a mature lady, 53 years old. Her husband is 62 and he does not have sex with her anymore. She has a good figure for her age and gorgeous breasts. We clicked instantly, and our wants and desires are the same. Both of us wanted fiery passionate sex. We chatted secretly for few days, flirted, sexted, exchanged photos to keep each other horny and excited. Finally, we decided to meet. I booked a room in a hotel in the town nearby. We met in the carpark, checked in, and went to the room. We kissed in the lift, and I held her hands and walked to our room. Settled in, and we started kissing, and passionate kisses turned to stripping each other, and very soon we were eating each other wildly. We made love twice, raw sex, skin on skin. She was a lioness in bed, full of energy and lust. Good with her mouth, and her body. We had a shower together and fucked in the shower too. Went out for a nice dinner, came back, and settled in for a night of passion. We were so horny for each other that we were sucking and licking and fucking each other all night. We slept finally at around 2 pm, woke up at 9 am, and asked for a late checkout at 2 pm. Showered together again while caressing and playing with each other. I fingered her passionately after shower that she squirted a fountain of cum all over my hands and chest. We has passionate sex again twice in the morning. Decided to check out at 1 pm and have lunch. After lunch, she said she has a secret to reveal. She took her car, and asked me to follow her in mine. After about 25 minutes drive, she turned to a country lane, and after 5 minutes we stopped in the middle of a small woodland like area. I got into her car, and we had one final fuck! She is so flexible in the small space in a car, thanks to all the yoga I guess! Overall, it was an amazing experience, a great relief, and both of us feel like we have rediscovered our moves and fire. We decided to meet whenever it's convenient again.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017 9:33 PM
Honest Husband

So when do you tell your wife the truth? 


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