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Hurts my heart

My wife cheated on me

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 5:32 AM by Guest Rating: +12|-8

I'll just say my name is Jack. 

Well, I've been married to whole I thought was the perfect woman. She had two children when we met. We had one together. Rumors about her being unfaithful had been swirling around since we met. Her own sister told me that she was dirty, but I never believed any of it. My friends would tell me and I would chalk it up to lies. The only reason I thought this way was because my wife was telling me they are just jealous, they just don't like me. And to top it all off, my wife was diagnosed Bi polar 2. When I found this out I still had my suspicions that she was cheating, but I could never prove it. Then one day I was taking my kids on a trip out of town. My wife said se didn't feel well. So I went with the kids and she stayed behind. About 3 hrs later people were telling me she was at bar kissing on someone. Then she got in to a fight. 


I questioned my my wife about this and once again she denied it. I thought it was my fault all this was happening. We were supposed to move  so I purchased all this brand new furniture for our new place, then my yougest told me about moms "friends"  at that point she had to go  so she moved to the place we were supposed to move together, but I loved her with all my heart  I didn't want to abandon her  I knew she had issues and one of them is cheating  but if she new what she was doing it made it harder and harder to rationalize it  so we kept talking even though she moved out and we tried to make it work  she told me she wanted this to work and like the fool I kept believing  she is 40 hanging out with or eldest friends  I just paid for a lot of facial fillers and she looks amazing  I did it because I wanted us to work  I wanted her happy  but she took those fillers and continued going to bars  


well the other day she mentioned someone's name  I asked who it was she said a friend from another town  a place she would hang out a lot  then I saw a picture of a guy at my older daughters party that I didn't know  my wife said it was one of my daughters friends  and she didn't know him  come to find out her and my daughter Are both friends with this guy on FB and has the same unusual name that she mentioned a few weeks prior  but she didn't know him  hmmmm  what made it worse was she lives in the foot hills about 25 miles away from the nearest hospital  I tried to FaceTime my youngest who was staying with her for the night and she said she couldn't  so I go up there at 1am to see what's wrong  my daughter was left with an underage in licensed driver while my wife was across the street getting drunk apparently with this guy she didn't know  again she denied it  


prior to this for Valentine's Day I got her a $1500 movado  an 800 pair of earrings and she kept taking  even though she new she was cheating on me  I just wanted things to work out  boy was I dumb  


today I called her out on this guy  said I'll message him on FB  she told me stay the fuck it of her life  but two days ago she told me she wanted this to work for our youngest and us  but as soon as I said I was going to ask this guy, she told me to fuck off  


she had told me a while ago to file for divorce, so I did  all the while hoping we could save this  but she likes the single life  she hangs out with our eldest like it's her best friend  what hurts the most is my eldest told me not to file, even though she knew her mom was cheating on me  and with one of her FB friends.  Our youngest spends 90% of the time with me at my house  some days my wife won't even text her.  But she is angry that I want full physical custody of our daughter  


it's sad, and I was in the darkest place I've ever been  I thought I lost everything and there was nothing left for me  I told my wife this and she told me to do what I had to do  I just went to sleep  that's the night I picked my daughter up from her house alone while she was off drinking and relized I couldn't leave her alone with this woman.  She takes Bi Polar meds  xanax, had had a gastric sleeve surgery and still drinks on top of it  having the smaller stomach and drinking is not recommended  add to that all these meds  not a good combo.  So now I'm going Day to day trying to find a light at the end of this tunnel, and what keeps me going is my 8YO.  It sucks because she plays mind games on her.  My 22year old treats me like I never raised her.  It's like my soon to be X did more damage that I could have ever imagined.


thanks for listening. 


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Wednesday, August 30, 2017 12:15 AM
Carter Slade

We will break hers. Forever..

Thursday, September 7, 2017 3:31 AM

Any updates?


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