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husbands double life

My husband cheated on me

Saturday, July 9, 2016 2:24 PM by Sad Rating: +11|-3

my husband and I have been married for almost 14 yrs. I found out recently that he's been a porn, sex addict the entire time. he has put ads on Craigslist with a dick pic, set up emails looking for cheating websites, phone sex, etc. three yrs ago a real person answered his ad, and they were talking for 3-4 months before I found out. over the past three yrs after counseling, self help books etc.. I find out, he went to her house three days before our anniversary that year, and on our anniversary took her flowers. I spoke to her, because I never believed he didn't have sex with her, and surprisingly she barely remembered him and denied any physical contact with him. it still kills my soul to this day, regardless if sex was involved or not. I caught him again on Mother's Day , on at least 10 different websites looking to cheat, and another craigslist ad, posting friends with benefits. we have two children, 14&11. I can't leave. I'm dead inside, have given up. I did everything for the past three years, to repair the damage, more sex, outfits, toys, fun, talking, fantasies. NOTHING has helped. I told him I no longer feel romantic towards just the other day, but like him enough as a person to stay together for the kids, he really didn't have much of a reaction, except to say whatever he says will be wrong anyway. what a cop out.

i have always been 100% faithful and loyal, and just wanted to be the most important person in the world to him, loved and cherished, that he would go to the ends of the earth to repair the damage, and or not have done any of this shit, to begin with. how stupid, am I? WHAT DO I DO NOW?

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Monday, July 11, 2016 3:55 AM

 Oh my goodness where do I begin? What a horrible thing to go through, I recently went through having to cancel my entire wedding for months before was supposed to take place because my fiancé has been cheating on me for five months with a cocktail waitress up at the casino around the corner from my house, how horrible when I'm at work doing that, but at the same time telling me how incredible and wonderful I am and how he can't wait to marry his beautiful bride. Anyway I always used to praise him to the high heavens,  thought we had the most amazing relationship I was so happy that I found him swing they have such a great family we couldn't wait to have children he was totally living a double life coming home all the time but they were small holes and gaps I did not see until now. Anyways I am totally here if you need to talk 603-832-4738 it's been three weeks since this all happened and honestly I'm finally starting to cook and eat again and operate my household he's the one who I kicked out change the locks after two weeks of stringing along I said this is enough no counseling is going to fix all these lies you told every day it killed me to cancel the wedding but I can't imagine having children and being so many years in, please talk to me anytime my name is Kristen I'm 30 years old I live in New Hampshire

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 7:34 AM

What a sad story. i so sorry ur going through this. Once a man cheats, he will cheat again. It just a matter of time. I do understand ur staying because of the children. But single people raise their children as a single parent. Do u work.?? does ur family near you and help you. This is not way to live. You and ur children deserve better...But im not in ur shoes...Please try to talk to ur husband and see what he wants...and you too.


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