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I cheated on my girlfriend

I cheated on my girlfriend

Thursday, January 26, 2017 7:18 PM by Guest Rating: +42|-23

Me and my girfriend love each other a lot, we have been dating for a year and a half. I love her so much, but i am a bit horny and kind of a good looking guy, so it happened to me, i cheated.

I am going to college at the moment and i noticed this girl in my classroom that was just very sexy and i think she noticed me too. She always had her hair curled up, thick hips, and she was short which i like. i think she is from Egypt and i thought that was exotic, because i always wanted to go there. So the way it started, i was always checking her out and i think she knew it. One day i met her walking to class, and i caught up to her and asked how things were going. I started talking to her and she would smile at me really nicely and would answer me very sweetly. I know i probably shouldnt have but I asked her if she wanted to go grab a coffee after class, and she said "i would love to" and smiled. Im bad, i kind of wanted to get laid... so while in class i was looking at her a lot and noticed that she was smiling when i did. After class we went to my car and drove to starbucks and left her car at the parking lot by the school. We were talking and it looked like she was really in to me. She didnt know that i had a girlfriend and i didnt tell her. I was pretty horny and wanted to get laid and started talking about sex to her and asked what her favorite thing about it was, and she told me it was giving a blowjob which aroused me instantly, i knew i was getting a blowjob if i asked. I started kissing her. She kissed me back and we were tongue kissing. Than i told her we should be going back, i took her back to schools parking lot and parked by her car. I had tinted windows and parked away from school. I was really excited, i was shaking, i knew i was going to ask her for a blowjob. So i did, she laughed and kissed me, than went down on me, gave me a blowjob and kissed me again afterwards. I told her i like her a lot, and that we should hang out. She said she likes me a lot too, and would love to go out with me anytime. Than we parted.

So i kind of feel bad about all of this, i mean i have a gf and i just told this other girl that i would hang out with her and now i feel bad about not telling her the truth about my girlfriend. I dont really want to make anyone feel bad, and i still want to keep my relationship with my girlfriend, because i love her. I am thinking about telling everything to this girl from school and breaking it up there, because i dont want to get caught. Any advise on how i can make it a little less akward to the girl from school and not to make her mad?

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Sunday, January 29, 2017 7:47 AM

All the brainpower of a box of rocks.  You take up with another girl at you're school...what makes you think you could keep it quiet.  Everybody can see you, everybody is going to talk, and eventually your "girlfriend" is going to find out.  You make be trying to keep it on the down-low, but other girl is probably telling people about you.  When this thing blows up, it's goint to blow up big.  Other girl is going to make your school days Hell on Earth.  And when she finds out who your girlfriend is you can be sure she's going to rat you out.  Game Over dude.7

Friday, April 21, 2017 12:48 PM

Yeah don't shit where you eat brother. At the very least go out of town to do stuff like that. Especially with social media now, your gf is going to find out for sure lol you crazy ass lol

Thursday, September 7, 2017 3:15 AM

You started with "Me and my girfriend love each other a lot" and ended it with "because i dont want to get caught".

I say brake up with your Gf cause if you will on doing this, eventually both of them will LEAVE UR ASS and other girls will know

that ur an ASSHOLE. It wont matter if you r good looking brah


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