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I fucked my best friends wife

I cheated on my wife

Monday, March 6, 2017 3:51 PM by Guest Rating: +18|-9

When i was just 21 i got married to my wife who was 23 at the time and the time we was very intimate as we'd have sex upto three times a night and even more on some nights, we was just madly in love and i loved trying new things when it came to sex, id lay there for upto 30 mins just licking out her pussy and she loved it shed grab my head and try pushing me back and try closing her legs but the more she resisted the more it turned me on id get in there deeper and yeah id be fingering her while licking her juices and then id make her suck 8 inch dick and really force it all the way in her throat and she loved chocking and gagging on my dick as much as i did and shed push me down and get up on top and then before you knew it id be cumming in her wet pussy and she loved it. But then as years went on she didnt want sex as much as i did which was quite upsetting when id start licking her out shed just tell me she wasnt really in the mood and i think this was down her always being so depressed and tbh it was making sexually frustrated too. By the time i was 28 we was practically not having sex at all and i needed sex. I mean its not like its not normal for a 28 yr old to want sex but i done nothing about it. Me and my wife would often go over to my best friends house who had just recently got married to a girl who was actually gorgeous enough to be a model. Me and the rest of our friends always did talk about how lucky he was and wondered what she saw in him but hey she married him never the less so i wasnt one to get in the way of their relationship anywho while we was over at my friends house she'd always get flirty around me but i took notice of it until one day my friend was in the kitchen and my wife popped to the toilet so it was just the two of us sat side by side watching tv and from the angle i was sat at i could see down her beautiful red dress and as she turned towards one of her perfect boobs popped out of the dress and by this point i just got so turned on and my 8 inch dick was just sticking up in my shorts and she quickly noticed and I started apologising and then i was absolutely amazed to find that she put her hand down my shorts and start rubbing it but i pulled her hand out and stopped it at once and then a few seconds later my wife waslked back in and i just sat there with a pillow in my lap but bonner just wouldnt go down as i couldnt stop thinking of warm soft hands around my dick. That was the last time we went to my friends house as i didnt want to ruin both mine and my friends relationship and friendship but then 2 months down the line my friend had to go back to pakistan as his farther was very ill and his wife being a gorgeous brithish lady with the most perfect skin and blonde hair combined with so gorgeous blue eyes did not have a vise so she stayed behind and my mate thought it was a good idea for her to have my number incase she ran into any problems while he was away so a week later she rang me and asked if i could go over and change the lightbulb in her bedroom. So after work that day i went over even though i didnt want too and when i got there she opened the door wearing the most beautiful black dress which was ever so revealing i could practically see her boobs and so i went into the bedroom where she had all of her lingerie underwear placed over the bed and once i had changed the light bulb she was thanking me and before i knew it she pushed me up against the wardrobe and hand her tongue in my mouth and i just couldnt stop myself and before i knew it i had her pinned down on the bed and i was there licking out her ever so perfect pussy and i carried on until i was ready to give her my dick so i asked for a condom and she pulled one out the draw so after sucking my dick she popped it on and we start fucking until she start cumming and her pussy was oozing with this creamy substance which was pooring down onto her ass and everything and both of us looked so surprised and it turned us on even more so we got in the 69 position and i licked it all of her pussy and the rim of her ass it was just pooring down on my face while she licked it of the condom i was wearing and then she got up and turned around and start riding and about 5 mins into riding she pulled my dick out and pulled the condom of and put my bare dick back inside her pussy and whispered i want you to fucking cum inside me so i did and it felt so good and so i left that evening to go home and I couldn't resist going back for more and for that whole week i banged her non stop everyday id even skive work to go over and we'd try new things each time and then my friend came back from abroad and we agreed it was just abit of fun and we must stop and so we did and now 3 months later i find out she's pregnant with my baby and i dont want to ruin friendships and relationships so what do i do :(

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017 1:47 PM

Mate tbf you sound a bit of a bastard so I'm surprised your not thinking of just letting this Pakistani think its his lmao. He might go all 3rd world on you and it could get ugly if you tell him the truth and then there is your wife to consider.  



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