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I knew

My wife cheated on me

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 11:23 PM by DET Rating: +31|-24

I knew, by the way other men looked at her. They would almost salivate when she walked by.  I knew by the way she looked at them, that she was wanting them too or at least was acknowledging their lust for her. My wife stood 5'6", medium build, brunette, but what always got their attention was her DD tits, her innocent smile, and her bedroom green eyes.  And one of the things she loved to do was scold and embarrass me in public. Whether it was at a bar, restaurant or in the mall, or the grocery store. 
She wanted to make sure everyone knew she was in control of me, and her body. I knew if she was there would be nothing I could do.  Thats the way she wanted it to be.  I would get so aroused thinking about her wwit other men.  I thought I wanted this to be.  I would finally tell her that I saw how men wanted her, like they wanted to ravish her right there.  She said she noticed as well with a giggle.  And then I said it.  If I ever found out I wouldn't be upset, as long as you were honest.  There was quiet, and the she said, well she wouldn't do something like that.  The long pause said, she was absorbing that statement. 
All this happened right after becoming married, and we just became pregnant.  After our first child it would only three months before we were pregnant again.  She was working at this time, and then would take the usual maternity leave after our sons were born.  Our last son was born in September, and she would go back to work in January.  I had all but forgotten about that conversation, until about March.  I was sorting through the laundry one day, and came across her panties bundled up and stuffed between clothing. 
The scent was insatiable, and the crotch crusty with texture of dried cum.  I recalled a conversation we had before the birth of our second son in which she told me that a guy at work, Dennis, had asked her to lunch on their off days.  This was back in July, and I said, he knows your married right?  She said yes, but that doesnt' bother him, because he had already slept with a married woman before.  I looked at her, and she said but she wasn't interested that way. I couldn't only imagine it was Dennis.  I was instantly aroused and would masturbate knowing Dennis was fucking my wife. 
I dind't want her to know about finding her panties, so I could see how often she was fucking Dennis.  This would go on for about 6 weeks.  I would find her used panties once a week, sometimes twice. It would be stroke of luck that I would find out how many times, and how many men she was sleeping with.  After our second child we had an IUD placed so that we wouldn'nt get pregant anymore.  This became her calling card.  I went to retrieve her car registration from her glove box one day, and there I found a letter in an envelope.
it said Dear Stacey,
I want to let you know that you are such a pretty woman, fun to be with, and great in bed.  He said he had to call off their relationship, because he told her once that they needed to keep it discreet because he wanted a career at the company.  However, recently some others in the office were asking if he was seeing her.  He wanted no questions about their relationship.  And he added that they also told him that she was  seeing other guys in the office.  Signed Brian.
I was floored.  I thought it was Dennis, and now I'm finding out about a Brian.  And then it said others in the office.  How many men was my wife fucking??  Again I was aroused reading this letter.  I didnn't know how to approach her with this.  But I knew I had to.  When I walked in held it up to ask whats this??  She said it all lies.  I said lies??  which, the guy that says he likes sleeping with you, or everyone else??  She said all of it. I assured her that I wasn't angry, and that it wasn't a big deal if she was honest.  I wanted to know.
She said yes, she had been Brian a couple times.  He didn't want her driving home after 10:00, as she worked the 2 - 10 shift.  I said well you work that 3 days a week.  When did it start, I asked.  She said only this month.  And yes it was about 6 times.  First he would follow her to a point and then she'd go home.  Then it became grocery shopping after work, which she did say she was a few times, and then finally she went to his house and fucked him 3 times. 
She wanted to say that was all of them..but her hesitation let me know that wasn't true.  I asked about Dennis.  She said yes, he was coming over after our second son was born, and was actually helping her around the house while on maternity leave.  She said mainly she gave him oral sex.  I asked if she would swallow him, and she said yes.  He liked having them both naked and him standing over her. 
She said there was also Tony and Brian.  Tony was her black supervisor. He was most interested in her breast milk machine and asked if he could watch.  She first told him no,, but he made it uncomfortable and was alwasy asking.  He said whats the big deal?  He was married too he said.. it first would start with watching in the private room at the office, and then the car, and then she would go to his house.  She said that in the car he wouldl suck on her tits, then it would become him takiing out his cock and wanting her to suck it. Finally he wanted her to come over to his house when his wife wasn't home. There he would suck her tits and fuck her.  She said this started when she went back to work.  I asked her the obvious question if his dick was bigger. She would say that he was having her over once a week, so she had sex with him 6 times.
She never went back to the job saying tht the rumors were being spread by jealous people.  I never told her about what I had found out through the laundry.  I dind't think I would be lucky enough to find another letter.  Over the next 6 years, she would fuck 6 more men that I knew of.  Don't know how many more really..   
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Friday, February 10, 2017 12:56 PM

i finally took the time to read this all! I fucking love your slut of a wife! My wife cheated on me with about 5 different guys through our relationship and when I found out I loved it! I eventually got her to give me details while I would be fucking her and it made for amazing sex. I still masturbate to the memory of those details. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 7:57 AM

dude stop her and update please


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