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I think my GF has cheated on me

My girlfriend cheated on me

Friday, March 31, 2017 1:36 PM by Mitch Rating: +26|-8

Me and my girlfriend have been together for almost 3 years now. We have a one year old son together and things have been very shaky since since she gave birth to him. Our sex life hasn't been great since...almost nonexistent (Most because since she had the baby her vagina has been smelling a bit foul). I often catch her staring at other guys when we are out. One time when we were out we had one too many drinks and she started touching and almost making out with two of her female friends (not at the same time. It's more so one and then the other once the first one left)I thought to myself "That's hot...3some time!" But things didn't work out that way. Then she proceeds to hug up on this gay guy she didn't know was gay which pissed me all the way off. Later we had a huge fight where she ended up going to jail for trying hit me with a bottle while I'm holding my son. I didn't press charges because I chalked the situation up to too much alcohol. 

But throughout the past year I've been noticing certain things she says that slip out like "if I ever cheated I would never tell" or when I confronted her recently about how her vagina smells bad she got angry and  said "Nobody else thinks so." There have been several instances like that where she has said or acted very suspicious. Also she hides what she doing on her phone all of the time. Whenever I walk in on her she quickly closes whatever app or internet page she is looking at or she turns her phone away from me when we're near each other. I've checked her phone a few times and noticed she still keeps in contact with an ex she dated over ten years ago. They've kept in contact ever since they dated which is weird as hell to me. I checked her FaceTime calls and noticed she's deleted most of her calls except for the 5 most recent ones. I reverse number searched one of the numbers it's located in Raleigh NC, the same place her ex lives. I've seen this number a few times in the past when I've checked her phone. Why would she be video chatting with him? She travels out of town a lot for her job which makes the perfect condition to meet up with someone and cheat. 

She told me she would never cheat on me but Whenever I confront her about looking at other guys or cheating she gets very defensive and turns it around on me and says that I'm projecting on to her because I'm the one whose probably cheated. So there is no use of trying to get her to admit anything. I want things to work out between because we have a kid together but if find out she has cheated I'm kicking her to the curb! But I would need hard evidence to confront her with so that she can't deny or lie about it. This has been going on for far too long and the stress is really getting to me. I even think her friends know something. One of her friends was recently cheated on and became very flirty with me and told me "We have a lot in common." Her friend is very loyal and would never do this unless she knows that my girlfriend has done something similar that to what has happened to her. What should I do? How can I finally find out the truth???

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