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Is it cheating?

I cheated on my husband

Monday, May 8, 2017 11:23 AM by Dessy Rating: +21|-16

Before I tell you what happened, let me inform you of my relationship, I been with my man who we'll call Paul for 8 years, I have forgiven him for not telling me he had a son, I have been there emotionally and specially financially through his gambling addiction and constant job hopping, back in February we had a relationship ending fight after they froze ome of our accounts due to his child support debt which he had told me he'd been paying, I can forgive the money issue but not him being a dead beat father. 

He left the house that day and was staying in his friends couch, I told him he could still use our bank account which I maintain really, on that night crying and being upset my friend Karla pretty much dragged me out to a bar leaving her husband at home. We went to a very casual place, good drinks, nice vibe, opened till very late and we drank a lot, I was just trying to get my mind off things and Karla was just enjoying a night off her kids and hubby, We met these 2 guys who approached us they were younger (Im 39) and they were from Haiti so their English was off but they were attentive with a very strong personality, I was confused that these 2 younger men quite athletic would be interested in us, a couple of older girls and Karla being a mom and all but their interest seemed legit, next thing you know it was 4 am and the bar was closing and after a night of drinking and dancing I was ready to call it off, but then Lubenz (one of the guys names) invited us to their apartment, I wasnt sure but somehow I let them and Karla covince me, once we got to their small one bedroom apartment in which they had some rum they played us some music and told us how they found us attractive and that they loved we werent "skinny" girls, to get to the point They made love to us in separate rooms, I was with Kernaud and my surprise was when tbey sort of switched then I was with Lubenz, we used protection and all, now I know there was alcohol and my sadness of my break up but I must admit these 2 men are great lovers, I kept Karla's secret with her and she never saw them again, I however visited them a couple of more times and found out more about them how they both have wives back in Haiti with kids and that most of their money goes there and all, Now thing is Paul isnt doing too well, hes lost his job again and basically has no place to stay and asked me if he can comeback, he has been begging me to give him a new chance and if I do Im ready to give up my fling but should I tell Paul? Is it cheating

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017 3:59 PM

I say let him come back but don't stop fucking the other guys. Keep enjoying all the dick you can. 


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