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Is my girlfriend cheating on me?

My girlfriend cheated on me

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 3:12 PM by Guest Rating: +13|-4

Hello! So, firstly, my english isn't that good, so take easy on me, guys. Here it goes: My girfriend and i have been together for like 5 months. And there is this ex-guy of hers thats always after her, always wanting or trying something. They are kind of "friends" as she says. Some time ago, he asked her out, saying that he was quite bad emotionally, lonely and so on. He wanted to go with her to the beach, they would be all alone, and she would go in his car. She asked me if it was ok. It was not ok at all, but she begged so i said it was alright. A couple of hours later she came back crying, she said that he tried to "forced himself" upon her, while they were in the car. She slapped him and got out (as she said). That's ok, i knew he would try something, but i was glad that she didn't cheat on me (for all i knew). Something like 1~~2 months later, i took her fone while she was in the bathroom, and i took a look on their conversation, about the beach and stuff... I read everything and she was exposing to him my sexual life with her, they were talking about -their- sexual life, and if i knew about it. He was hitting on her, and she was being complacent with it, like if he wasn't doing anything at all. She didn't told me about this conversation and she said to me that it was "normal" because they were "friends" and she "didn't knew" it would hurt me that much. She also doesn't want me to confront him. I'm destroyed, and i'm wondering what really happened in that beach, and if i should break up with her. What if they really did makeout, but he threatened to tell me everything? So she came up with a story that "he forced himself" (?). What if she doesn't want me to confront him, because she is afraid that he'll tell me everything? What is really happening? What should i do? Any thoughts?

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Thursday, October 26, 2017 5:49 AM

yo man the best thing to do right now is to probably ask your gf what really happened because cmon look at it. let's say you didnt ask her that conversation, you will live your life with her with doubts and no trust against each other and you will always have your mind busy on what she does everyday but if you tell her about this conversation and texts about her you will have your mind at an ease and constant phase and if that truth is what you think which is (you getting cheated on) then just break up with her man. Hoes are hoes and that's the truth but if she tells you lies, try your best to force her to tell her what really happened. You can get on through this bro, if you think the reason youre telling her are lies then go the hard way ( what i mean by hard as in really hard) go to her ex boyfriend and confront him, scare him if you have to. I mean youre doing this from what you believe in and (you really love her right?). You can get through this mate i believe in you. tell me an update after.


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