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I cheated on my boyfriend

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 12:34 AM by Guest Rating: +2|-5

Lust is just as strong as love. I'm still in a relationship with the guy I cheated on. Long story short I went to my hometown to visit for a couple weeks and saw an old friend who I had a crush on since middle school the feeling was mutual. We talked on and off for yearsss but nothing ever happened. I decided to hit him up while I was down there and saw each other and everything escalated quickly. He's really respectful he knew I had a boyfriend and wouldn't even hug me. He kept his distance. The sexual tension was there, when we first hung out we went out for a couple drinks with friends and even with a lot of people around i felt like it was just us two. i ached for his touch the whole time. I would touch him playfully and he would keep still. The next day he invited my bestfriend and I to a party so we went.  My Friend didn't feel good so we took her home and I went back to the party with him. The tension between us kept growing and growing.  I had a couple shots and was starting to feel bad so he asked if I wanted to sit somewhere so we went to his friend's room. I was laying and he was on the floor sitting. I told him to come lay with me and he did. I started put my arm around him;holding him. He turns to face me and that's when I kissed him. I was drunk but I was in all my senses. I took advantage of not feeling myself and climbed on top of him. Next thing I knew we were having sex. When we got done I went completely sober. I laid there as if I had just killed someone. I just kept thinking of what had happened, I couldn't believe it. I rolled away from him and felt so bad that tears rolled down.  I got over it and the remaining days we hung out as if we were in a relationship. We fell in love.  Or at least j thought it was love. When it was time for me to come back home we promised we would be together no matter what. I promised I would break up with my boyfriend and all. When I got home my boyfriend picked me up. I felt disgusted by him. I didn't kiss him or touch him the whole night. He never suspected nothing. Weeks passed by and didn't show affection. Then I realized I love him not the guy back home.  I am still with this guy and I love him now more then ever. As for the other guy back home I stopped talking to him because we live in different states it wouldn't work  he understood but calls me every now and then to see if I'm doing good. At times I sit there and think of the guy back home I want him , but I love the guy here. I know people say if you really love someone you wouldn't hurt them but I feel like I do love him. I know it's heartless of me to say but I don't regret it and that worries me. I felt bad at the time but now the feeling of guilt has completely vanished. 

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016 5:57 AM

Bitch please this is completely just hope karma does not come knocking lol

Thing is you said its only as the other guy is in another state but the fact you still chat with this guy even though you love the boy next door (ie same state) kind of proves that your really just in love with yourself 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016 10:31 AM

 Omg so my boyfriends in jail and I've been waiting for him to get out. We'll throughout that time. I've been so faithful. But I've been wanting to have sex!!! So I down loaded this app called meet me met a guy he looked cute ended up being a total nerd but then he started touching me it felt so good I didn't stop it and now I woke up as if I killed someone. This feeling sucks should I be feeling like this??!

Thursday, August 25, 2016 4:27 PM

You are a selfish person to the point that you do not even understand what love is. Love is simply caring about another person. There are different forms of love. Loving a boyfirend in a committed relationship demands fidlity. You have been unfaithful. Love in any relationship demands trust, you are lying to him everyday. You can say you love him, but you are lying to him and yourself. You do not know how to love anyone, not even yourself. You cheated on yourself when you cheated, lied and completely dishonored yourself. The fact that you do not feel bad means that you are so selfish that you do not even understand what you have done to yourself. You are on the path to a miserable life. Set your boyfriend free, do not drag him down with your cheating ass. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016 8:05 PM

One day Karma's horse is going to take a giant shit on you.  Better invest in a big shovel.


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