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married,with a son & interested in a diffrent man.

Want to Cheat

Friday, June 10, 2016 7:33 AM by guest Rating: +0|-1

hi well lets start, im confused to the max at this curent moment! I got together (not legaly married) with my formal ,when i was 16 & he was 21! we had already dated the years past but i had to leave state with my fam but when i came back 2 yrs later i seen him & we just clicked again, BUT I was sopose to be in town to visit only well that changed quick. I was having some teenage depression i had just lost my dad that past year & my mom and i just had diffrent thoughts so i found like he was it forever and ever. so we did we started to live together he spoke to my mom & it was legit 1 yr ater we got pregnant had a little boy hwom is now 9. I had promisd my dad that i would finish highschool & college and so i did with ofcourse my now partner encouragment BUT when i was taking care of school and found me a job he was all into facebook chatting and txting other girls worst part i always found out everySINGLE time the girls would either fwd the msgs or i just seen them by accident in his inbox . that tore me apart this is when we were 2-5 yrs into our marriage, i felt terrible like i wasnt taken for what i was really was so we would fight over and over and over again. i always wanted to leave cause all i did was cry and catch him days after our huge arguments BUT i had no 1 in this state and it was hard i was a student and barely doing it. so i didnt i just kept it inside and in every fight we would tell eachother the nastiest things.. NOW @thanksgiving lastyear i talked to him one on one & deep too. I was honet & told him i cant do this any more its been so many fights dont take me wrong i love him but my heart is hurt, i said i wanna leave you his responce way "i''ll kill my self" i felt terrible i cant live with that ..who am i to do that to someone?right? (then it hit me but what about me when he kept doing it over and over he didnt think abuot my feelings, so a little after not planned on FB i see this music rapper/barber/student i add him we have mutual friends not a biggie well we just start and say hi to each other and it felt good so he asks me for my phone# and i am veryyyy nervous cause i been in a relationship for 9yrs with the same man never cheated on him either. So this new guy calls me and says hi sorry im calling but im driving up north and i cant text which is understandable i was actually doing my nails that day. heard his voice and BOOM it was like  magic, i loved it!! he started with a joke and laughed which his laugh drives me crazy ina good way, so i liked that we would n and off comunicate not on daily basis but we would. i was honest and i told him i was taken he said i understand i was late... so then we just clickced as friends and he would tell me about his new girlfriends and got more personal each time we talked. he got heart broken by a girl who claimed she was pregnant by him but never was she lied just to keep him close. so he calls me and tells me i felt terrible honestly i wanted to hug him and say its ok but remember we are 1000 miles away. so now he wants me to just quit everything he;s learned so much about me like i have from him and we just like eachother so much. he claims hes never met someone to down to earth like me. .. you know all that nice make me feel good convo. My thing is that i tied hard to get my degree and i now have a great job that not any oe can have its based on people to retire in order to even get hired. cause its a great job and pay around my area. well i see it as not leaving my curent since i am just to scared that im doing wrong and my little boy loves his dad i dont want him to go through that.. so i cut the other guy off but never gets thorugh we always fall back. idk what to do  i also tried having a baby with my curent but hasent happend. i feel like its a sign. idk it must be love on the brain.. what doe this sound like .. the new guy and i think so alike in progress and we do come from the same town too ....

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Saturday, June 11, 2016 9:26 PM

Why do you want to have another kid? there's already too many people on this world, kids are only a burden on you the mother..

My opinion is if you don't like the guy you are currently with leave him, end of story.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 7:36 AM
A word of advice: If this new guy will cheat with you, he will cheat on you. As far as the whole "I'll kill myself" threat... That's his own selfish choice, but you already knew he was selfish. Leave his ass and find a new man.

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