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Naughty girlfriend

My girlfriend cheated on me

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 7:15 PM by Guest Rating: +53|-48

when i first met my gf about 4 years ago we went out for a meal one night.

As we were having our meal i realised we were very close to a red light area and sugested to my gf we have a drive around the area when we had finished,

I said the above as i wanted to see how she would react however she agreed and we made our way there.

upon arrival we parked up and as we looked on we saw some girls talking to guys in cars that would randumly pull over.

some girls got in the car and it would drive away.

as we continued to observe my gf turned to me and said she could do anything the other girls could do.

upon further discussion, she said i could loiter in a doorway or walk down the road in a sexual mannor.

to cut a long story short a dare took place between us of which my gf got out of the car and walked down the street and stopped close by a doorway.

within a minute or so a car pulled up by her and i could see her talking to the guy who was driving.

as i was confident that my gf was just messing about, i didn't read to much in to what was happening untill i saw her open the car door and get inside.

The car imediately drove off, and i assumed my gf had let the guy in on matters and he was playing along and would drop her off a short distance up the road.

as i waited ther was no sign of her returning and as time went on, i realised she was actually fucking.

as i contemplated things i drove to a local garage to buy some cigerettes but upon my return to where i had parked with my gf i noticed a girl i knew.

I stopped and talked to the girl for a while and told her what had just happened.

to my amasement this seamed to turn her on and it wasn't long before she sugested going somewhere quiet.

we then drove to a quiet area and started to have sex.

after we had finished i dropped the girl off where i met her and returned to where i parked with my gf.

eventually after about an hour my gf appeared.

when she got in the car she told me she had returned earlier but i wasn't there.

i quickly made my excuses and told her i must have missed her when i went to the garage to by cigerettes.

i then asked her what she had been doing of which she replied fucking.

i could tell by the look on her face that she was exited and had no difficuly in beleiving her however the best was to cum.

I then said surely you haven't been with the guy i saw all this time of which she went on to say that when she returned and i was no ware to be seen, she felt cold, but turned on at what had happened and decided that as i didn't mind with the first guys she would continue to fuck with more.

It turned out that she had been fucked by 4 guys in total, one of which was black and the other 3 white in their respective cars.

although i had a million thoughts running through my head, i found myself getting turned on by her chat.

upon getting home i couldnt resist getting my cock inside her and as i fucked her she told me every detail of what went on.

It wasn't long before i was spurting the fifth load up my gf's naughty cunt.

it was one of the best fucks i have had in my life and as i was fucking her i kept thinking of the 4 cocks she had just had blasting there spunk in to her.

to this day she has no idea that while she had cocks banging her, mine was burried deep inside another girls hot cunt.

since the above my gf has got more adventurous and enjoys me taking naughty pics or videoing her being naughty.

she also like to upload some to porn sites and gets really turned on at the idea of guys or girls watching them.

she now teases me about the above, telling me lots of guys have got off over her.

by all accounts according to the comments left by viewers, she has several fucks to look forward to should she wish to take them up.

hope you guy's like her pic, its one she regularly uploads.

Thank you for voting.


Wednesday, April 13, 2016 10:22 AM

What pic

Friday, April 15, 2016 12:45 PM

You should marry her and set up a gangbang for the wedding night. Imagine her swallowing your cock while the best man and several friends take turns pounding her from behind.

Sunday, April 17, 2016 12:24 AM
I'm fair

This is fucking hot dude.  My girl used to fuck other guys but ur girl did 4 in 1night. I want my wife to do that so bad!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016 10:36 AM

I think my pancreas just erupted 


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