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Revenge on the woman that my husband cheated on me with

My husband cheated on me

Monday, March 27, 2017 1:14 PM by Billie Rating: +31|-55

Married 19 years, my husband was acting strangely, doing weird things and staying late after work "to hang with friends from work" he had never done that. I did catch him cheating with a female from work.  She was also married to a guy from their work.  I was so hurt, extremely pissed and still loved my husband! I was not willing to just throw our marriage away,  we were still emotional and physical with eachother.  First thing I did was I found her husband on Facebook them contacted her husband on messenger and told him everything also provided him proof, he moved out the next day and took everything while she was at work. Anyway,  my husband thought he loved her so he moved out and I have to tell you: She thinks she is the one with his heart cuz he moved out,  but now he is cheating on her with me and I am loving it!  We go on trips out of town together and he is actually with me now more then with her.  I know all his kinky secrets and I already knew she is a prude, so now I am getting my itches scratched whenever I want and laugh at her everyday!!  Sometimes there can be something good that comes out of cheating and the Revenge is so sweet.

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