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Revenge sex

My wife cheated on me

Friday, January 1, 2016 10:58 PM by Guest Rating: +111|-74

I have to admit right off that I'd always claimed that if my wife, Connie, ever cheated on me that I'd be the last guy to suspect a thing. Connie is blonde, green-eyed, athletic, flirty, but very religious. and always the friggen' envy of most of my male friends. As much as I'd always assumed faithfulness in our twenty-year marriage, there's a little part of me that wondered what it would take to seduce a woman like Connie.

Last summer I found out! She gave me a kiss and went off to work - or so I thought - but left her cell phone on the bed-side table. Curious..... or snoopy... I started rolling through Connie's messages and found several that she had written to an old friend - except they were all about her hooking up with him, looking forward to wrapping her fingers around his stiff cock, aching for the kind of love that his caresses provided.

At first I was outraged. I could hardly wait until Connie got home so that I could confront her with this discover. But, as I continued to read his repsponces, how he loved the feel of the lips of another man's wife around his cock; how he could think only of her shaved pussy...... how Connie fucked him in ways his wife never would, I got very hard.

By the time Connie got home I had to wack-off three times! I never let her know that I was on to her affair. After doing a little searching I found out who the lover was and was totally schocked! Instead of a big, muscled specimen Connie's lover was a skinny, balding, furniture salesman - not the type I'd ever consider a threat (I'm 6'4", 220, and very athletic). The more I looked into who this guy was I discovered that he had a really sweet-looking wife. She didn't have the big tits or shapely ass that Connie has, but she had full lips and beautiful brown eyes.My first intent was to catch them in the act and scare the shit out of both of them. Then I thought of something better.

Over the next two weeks I played it really cool. Connie was fucking me three or four times a week, but I knew she had other plans on the days that she'd get up early to shower and "prepare" for the day. What this meant was shaving her pussy to a smooth finish. She would put on sheer panties and a sexy bra..... all hidden under her work cloths.

On these mornings I'd follow from a distance and watch as Connie drove to a quiet street near her work, climb out of the van and into this guy's truck and they would head out to some country road.

When Connie would return in the evening, there would be no sign on her face that would give her secret away. Her voice was calm, her manner was friendly. And I let this go on for almost two months.

Then, one night after receiving a text from Connie that she was going out for drinks with some volley-ball friends I decided to follow again. I waited about three blocks from the bar and watched as Connie and her lover came out and wend straight to his truck. I couldn't believe my eyes! Right there in the parking lot, these two started steaming up the windows. I waited for a few minutes so that they'd be really going at it, then casually walked by the truch and took several pictures of his fave buried in my wife's pussy. I took some snaps of Connie strattling this guy, no shirt, no bra, in the front of his truck. When I got home that night I was soooo fucken horny from watching my wife fucking this other guy, but resolved not to wank until I sat down with this guys wife and showed her the stream of texts and the pictured that I'd taken. At first she was really shocked, then she was really angery, then she wanted blood.

I suggested that we get even a different way - revenge sex! She dismissed the idea as quickly as I suggested it. A few days later I received a text from Barb that she wanted to meet. After driving around for the better part of an hour listening to Barb pour out her heart about how hurt she was I decided to park. I turned to face her and pulled her gently into my chest. She just sobbed.... then she looked up and kissed me right on the mouth. I told her that we should really do for each other what they were doing - so we went back into the texts and over the next several months met once a week to read one note, then another, and another, playing out all the sucking and licking, and fucking but videoing and taking a ton of our own pictures!

After three month of weekly fucking Barb and I decided it was time and we put together a DVD of all our best sex.... with the grand-finale of shots of us fucking in each others's bedrooms. Barb came up with the idea of concocting a "chance" meeting - Connie and I and Barb and her husband - at a bar. Of course, it was hilarious when Barb approached me with as big hug that night and introduced me to Bob, her husband. I introduced her to Connie. I told her that I was done with her DVD and handed her a copy, Both our spouses were quite bewilded. Barb suggested we grab a table together to get to know one another a little better. Casually as hell, both Bob and Connie agreed.

As the night went on Barb would drop little hints from their texts - "I'd always heard that nothing feels as good as the lips of another man's wife around your cock...." It was killing me! The night was fun, we all drank too much and got separate taxis home.

That night, according to our agreement, both Barb and I would play our DVDs. Connie was fairly suspicious and defensive when we got home. As she was getting ready for bed, I slide in our little production. Before Connie has a chance to see it, she'd heard the music and moans, but assumed I was just watchin some silly porn. Then she heard Barb's voice asking if it was true - nothing felt better than the lips of another man's wife arouind my cock. Connie got very sheepish as these words dawned on her. She came into the bedroom, naked, "I'd like to prove that addage wrong." and proceeded to sucking my cock with new enthusiasm..... The thought that rolled through my head as I was cumming was that of her mouth wrapped around Bob's cock doing the same thing.

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Sunday, January 3, 2016 10:18 PM

Lovely story

Saturday, March 19, 2016 10:52 AM

It  reminds me so much of when i discovered that my wife was having an affair with her boss Wally . I had met him once  I was suspicious because or her coming home late , showering . Then slipping into bed . Not having the time to check on her to see she was doing ? I wired our phone . Sure enough she was having sex with Wally .  So i knew everything , where the were meeting . It was at a motel not far from where we lived . I drove to the motel , Hid my car and waited for them to arrive . About an hour later they arrived and he went to the office to register and my wife waited in the car . Wally went back to his car and drove around the back of the motel , Then parked his car in front of the room that he had rented . I stopped by the office and got a bucket of for the bottle of scotch i had brought with me . If anyone would like to hear the rest ? send me an email .


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