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She thought she was the smart one

My wife cheated on me

Friday, November 27, 2015 1:26 PM by Stan Rating: +46|-14

I married my wife back in 1990, she was a great woman and didn't bat an eye in helping anyone out. Great conversation and she was very good in bed.

I noticed a change in her about 2 years ago. Less conversation, she started working more at the office. Even on weekends she would be out at the spa she joined. 

One week end I made my own excuse to be out of the house early and I headed over to the spa with my camera/cam I had bought. Had a nice range and I waited for her to show up. She got there on time and I was zoomed in watching her through a plate glass window. In time this dude shows up and starts running on the machine next to her. They are laughing and giggling together like two old friends. They take a break and I am watching them drinking some type of juice, his hand on her back then down on her ass, she dosent stop him. After about 30 minutes they come out together and hop in his SUV. I follow them out to a local park and they park and get out and walk into the wooded area. He is carrying a blanket and she has a small cooler. 

At some point about 10 minutes in htey brak off the path and find a place behind some bushes and he ays the blanket out. I had circled around and shimmied up a tree about 100 feet off. I had a clear view of them sharing a bottle of wine and finally she kisses him and begins to stroke his cock through his shorts. Finally they are naked and she is on top straddling his waist and they are going at it. She is grinding her clit against him as she did with me, from what I could see of him he wasn't al that either so I figure she might actually love this guy? I make a good six figure salary so I am leaning towards the money angle. 

 anyhow I had my cam filming the entire fuck, from the wine to her dabbing the cum off of her face and getting dressed. As they cleaned up and folded the blanket I came out of the tree and got to my car before she was back. I went to my work and made several cd's of her little trist in the park. I also got onto one of those sites that show x rated stuff and I downloaded the cd in the amature section of cheating wives. Then I went home.

 WHen she came through the door I was watching the video on the xxx site, she was like what are you watching and I suggested she come over and see. She was to mortified. lol I enjoyed her tantrum to much. I harrassed her about who the guy was and why she was fucking him with his lil cock. She had no reason other then she felt she needed a change in her life. The "routineness" of her life was driving her crazy. The guy was someone she knew at where she worked so that made it easy to find him. I met him in the parking lot and had the video to show him. Turns out he's married as well. His wifes family had all the money and if I were to show it to them he would be out on his ass and pennyless such an ass he was. 

 So now my wife is no longer my wife, she never contested the diviorce, uunderstandably. I did delete the video off of the site but those vids can be downloaded so who knows who might have gotten it. Somehow her parents got wind of it. they were to pissed and her mom came to me and apologised . No reason I told her, she wasnt involved and it wasnt her fault. I see my ex's folks sometimes at some local charity events and always introduce my I never see the ex at these events. From what her mom says she isn't seeing anyone and is mildly depressed. 

 I am half tempted to show the mom the video. She was asking just exactly what they were doing and she seems curious. Maybe I might set some cams up in my condo and invite her over, or not.

 so thats how I found out my wife was cheating. It was fun.

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Sunday, November 29, 2015 10:58 AM

I shimmed up a tree? Wtf what a bunch of bullshit! You know that this whole story is made up! Who do you think will believe this " story" . Maybe Rambo showed up and gave you super powers and you were able to fly. I think you suffer from tiny dick syndrome. Don't be jealous of us guys with big cocks your little one can still be used to pee out of. It's hard going down on two inches of dick. I'm also sure some guys would be happy to fuck you in the ass! There is no shame in being small but no women wants that. Now go back up the tree and maybe you can see more people screwing . Later loser 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016 8:10 PM

Another fantasist,, You sad little man. Your life must be so boring to dream up crap like this. Go away and mature that childlike mind of yours you hopeless tosser!


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