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Should I tell him?

I cheated on my boyfriend

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 6:37 AM by T Rating: +10|-4

First of all, I hope to receive some advises. I'm very conflicted ever since I cheated on my bf of 2 years. I don't want to lose him but I do feel bad for this secret.

I went on a study abroad trip to Jamaica this summer, as part of the student Corp program thing at my college. My bf was concerned but mostly about my safety. My girl friends told me to bring condoms but I never did. I stayed with this group from the US and we all live in the same place like a summer camp. If you ever been you Jamaica, you know the locals are very "friendly", especially towards white American girls. All the girls in my group and I always get so much attention from the locals, they always joke about marrying and taking them to America. This one local at my camp who manages the facility is particularly friendly to me, always flirting with me and stuff. I djdnt mind it except he gets handy sometimes. One day when I was pretty drunk, he rubbed my vagina over my pants and made me cum in like 2 minutes. I really enjoyed it but as soon as I came, I realized how wrong it was and pushed him off. He was very sorry about it, but every time I get drunk he would get a little more sexual with me (like from grabbing my boobs, to feeling them under my bra, to sucking them, and fingering me to eating me out). I never did anything to him or got him off once. I never let him touch me when I'm sober. 

Everything went over the edge at our last party before heading back to America, I definitely had too much to drink, I remember everything that happeneeds but I didn't have a clear mind. I ended up going back to his tent with him. I remember being butt naked getting ate out on the dinner table, getting fingered at the same time then him flipping me over to lick my butthole, which I never experienced before. I basically had no control but just kept cumming every time he does something. I think I was so turned on I grabbed his junk, and felt it was really big and hard... Anyways I asked him to put it in me. Maybe I was drunk but it was the best sex I ever had. I stopped him after I came again because I started to feel really guilty. I didn't talk about it the next day and we didnt exchange info. I never told anyone but a few people at the camp knew there's something going on

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