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Swinging is an option

I cheated on my wife

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 7:52 AM by Guest Rating: +5|-8


i cheated on my first wife at 23 yo because I wasn't ready to get married because i didn't really sow my oats.  i married her because i knew she was honest, classy and she was very good looking but i was the whore it became very painful when she found out that i was fucking her cousins and sister-in-law who lived right next door.I became the pariah of the family and she still would forgive me, but i felt so ashamed i asked for a divorce at the age of twenty-six. i learned a hard lesson,s o with my second wife afyer a few years of marriage we talked about having sex with other people but we decided to do it together! we investigated swing parties and attended high end swing parties that took place in suburban mansions for two years.


in this way we didn't have to feel guilty because we didn't want to break that bond of trust,which we didn't. my second wife was very smart and gorgeous, tall and well educated. we were both kind of sex addicts and we knew that before we got married. i wasn't going to become the outcast of the family again and i didn't. it actually turned me on watching her sucking off these men while i fucked her in the ass. she loved to watch me go down on a young female as she licked my ass and sucked my balls. she would bring a female over so we could fuck her together . she really wasn't a lesbian but probably got in the mood when there was sex going on in every turned me on when she would kiss another woman who would then suck me was better then anything we could have done as a couple. unfortunately my British wife died of cancer. she was a double d and very gl which enabled me to pick n choose the hottest couples at these swinging sexual soirees. once u expose ur spouse to that life style it's like a drug it's hard to give it up. because if u do stop swinging together one of you will probably start cheating so it's both or nothing i'm in really in good shape with a full head of hair, at 56 yo so i started sleeping with late 20 yo who actually had older bf and they became my fuck buddies. i became their no drama zone. so take a lesson from me, cheating is the most painful betrayal that one spouse can do to's a very selfish act and whomever said that in the other comments is exactly right! i got that swing stuff out of my system. I will marry a third wife probably 15 to 20 years younger and never expose her to that life style. it leaves only one problem u get so jaded that u have to get kinkier as hell to enjoy the sex act to get off. we used to find one or two couples and take them home with us and continue right through to the next day. I was told that some of the couples got into dogs/bestiality to get off.i drew the line there. all my wives n gf were eights and  nines so ur right they hold their value very high n don’t cheat. If some of this text is out of sequence please forgive me I was just reminiscing via a stream of consciousness. however all my fuck buddies wanted to go with me to swing parties because I knew the protocol behavior so I didn’t insult any man’s wife of gf.




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