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the last time

My wife cheated on me

Saturday, March 25, 2017 1:36 AM by oldman Rating: +0|-6

 This is one of the stories us men don't really like telling because of our egos.back in the early 70;s i was working in a little town in Texas and my wife was in PA,i would fly home weekends.the job was a small one so i would be done with it in 2 or 3 weeks .we started the third week and finished on a tuesday .i tried calling home to tell the wife the job was done but she was out.the corp.jet flew me home i got my truck out of the parking lot and headed for the house.on the way there i passed by a water hole that i had never been in and saw my wifes car out side of now it was 7:30 and started getting dark.i parked across the street and kept an eye on the car.i waited about ten minutes and out she came with a guy i had never seen before they did a little hugging and kissing then he left and went to his car and she to hers.she followed him up the road,i was glad i had a older ford pickup that was all white and a plain jane and not to flashy.i layed back about a quarter mile so not to be seen.he pulled into a small motel with her right behind him she waited in her car and he went to the office and came back out got in his car and drove around to the back side of the motel and she followed tey got out hugging  and kissing and i wanted to puke.i watch then go into there room and i waited around for twenty minutes then walked up to the door took out my knife and picked the lock then screwed the silencer on my berreta,i opened the door and she was sucking his dick and i saw it was smaller than mine.from where i was standing they couldn1't see me but i could see the bottom of the bed when she got thru with the bj she crawled up to him and he said when is your husband due back in town ,she said thurday or friday but that stupid ass will call first so we'll have plenty of warning,then he'll be off to the next job.she asked him when are we going to get rid of him and he said after he signs the life insurance policy.i stepped out where they could see me she started to scream i double tapped her the he got the same.then i put one in head of each of them and went home.the next day i put in a missing person report on her.later that day a trooper came to the house and told me my wife had been shot of course i went to pieces all i did was think of her cheating and the tears came like water.the paper said the guy she was with was a small time hood.i found out later him and i had the same boss,i'm an independent contractor for the mob and the job is quite rewarding.i see alot of country and the pay is great.i think i missed her for about a week.oh well life goes on.


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Wednesday, April 26, 2017 12:50 PM

Ooh, these good all days in the wild-wild west... memories!


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