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Too many coincidences

My wife cheated on me

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 8:58 AM by Tom Rating: +65|-34

There have been so many incidents over the last few years I do not know where to begin. My wife took four condoms from my night table (I had 23 in two packs which were given to us by a friend who works in a clinic). Apparently she didn't realize I had counted them a few days earlier, and when I confronted her with it, at first she lied and said she didn;t take any, then when I told her that I counted and knew the amount in the drawer, she claimed she threw them out because they were expired (which they were), but all of them had a recent expiration date. Iif that were the real reason, why didn;t she say something and then throw all fo them out? This is just one incident, last summer I noticed a bruise on her inner thigh and questioned how she got bruised there? She said that she probably bumped into something, I asked "so you bumped something with your inner thigh? How do you do that?" She then acted as if it were nothing and said Ii don't see anything while lifting her leg up. As she did, I then noticed that the big mark I saw was about 5 inches or so away from 4 smaller bruises. Ii think realized it was a hand print, four finer tips and a thumb!!! I then looked at her other thigh and sure enough there were the same prints on her other inner thigh! When Ii mentioned that they were hand prints she said I was crazy, then I told her to look at them and tell me what they look like. She finally had to acknowledge that yes they did loom like hand prints, but calined that nthing happened and that she could not remember how they could have gotten there. There have been times when she has been in a car with another guy (by other people) she denies it is her and claims no memory if being in a car with anyone. She has had (over the last few years) many contacts in her e-mail and IM list that I have been able to look up and they all belong to men 15-25 years younger than she is (She is 46), she clims that he doesn't know how they got into her contact list. There is much more to tell, but what's the point? For instance, a few years back she was always going to local garage sales (when our kids were small) and would bring the kids with her most times. Yet she keep getting back later and later and one day I aksed why she was getting home 2 hours or more after that sale ended? My youngest 5, at the time overheard and said "that's because she is always talking to Sam". When  I asked her who "Sam" was, she told me he was "the old man who cleaned up the basement of the building after the sales". I said, oh an old man, how old? And she said "about early 70's, thin, gray hair". The next week when she left the kids home as was late once again, I went to the building where they held the garage sales and more than twom hours after the sale ended, here she is coming out with "Sam", only he is not in his 70's, but her age, good looking, fit etc. and they are bith all smile and laughing until they see me. Then both their heads dropped, smile disapeared and he darted for his car, she looked up and out on on phony smile and said "oh you came to meet me?" Ii knew right there that they were staying afterward alone in that building for hours after everyone else was gone, she claims all they did was talk. I say BS, a married woman and a married man alone behind locked doors means one thing, and one thing only. Of course she found a way to make me the bad guy, the suspicious guy and insisted there was nothing going on She says she doesn;t know why she lied about his age etc. Ii say she did so to deceive me, to throw me off to thinking she was talking with some nice old man, when in fact she was with a fit 45 yeard old man for one reason. Anyway, she just continues to lie, will not adnit the truth and I do not know what to do because I will not leave my children, Any advice on how I canget the truth? Get some answers? Thank you

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Thursday, March 2, 2017 9:37 PM
Honest Husband

Hey man.  Sadly you're probably 100% correct about your assumptions.  Same thing happened to me and probably most people on here.  People never seem eager to acknowledge there wrong doings when confronted unless presented with solid hard facts and evidence. 

Lying about little inconsiquential details makes absolutely no sense to me unless you're trying to hide something huge.  What you are looking for is proof positive without her admitting it so you may need to go James Bond spy here.  Listen, what I'm about to suggest isn't exactly something you should do to someone you love and trust but it's clear trust went out the door a long time ago so here it goes.  I assume she has a purse she carries with her everywhere.  If it's a larger purses, generally they have a lining.  Go out to your local Best Buy or Wal-Mart and buy a digital voice recorder, you know the kind of things you see reporters with.  In her purse, just under the flap of the zipper or button, cut a small slit, just big enough to slide the recorder in.  Its important to do the cut under a flap of some kind so it hides any fraying from the lining being cut plus it masks the entry.  The recorder will likely slip to the bottom of the purse and will go unnoticed as it will not be visible by your wife.  Sony makes a pretty good digital voice recorder.  You can often times program them to record only when it detects audio so you don't have to worry about reviewing hours and hours of audio.  Battery life in these will usually last you about a week of daily use.  With a large enough micro-sd card you should be able to catch everything.  The microphones in these are incredible too.  There's a reason these are used in meetings as they can pick up audio from all corners of a room.  Each morning place the recorder in the purse and each night remove it to extract the audio.  Rinse and repeat.  You'll catch something eventually.  You can also place a digital voice recorder via velcro to the bottom of your wifes seat in her car.  Obviously this is only good for when she's in the vehicle so unless she's talking to one of these guys or getting down in the car, you probably wont hear much. 

I did this and caught more than I wanted to hear,,,, but I got answers my wife refused to give me.  Plus you have stone cold proof when it comes time to speak to a lawyer.


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