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Turned Off to Sex with my Partner

Want to Cheat

Thursday, September 8, 2016 7:39 PM by Elliot Rating: +2|-0

I have a live-in partner. We've been living together for almost 2 months. When we were not yet living together, we always make love and it was really good. But now that we're living together, I don't know what happened. We have a lot of time together and it doesn't seem to be like how we make love before. 

During at night, we just cuddle and talk about stuff and when we start making love, she just get easily distracted to stuff around our apartment. 

For example last night, I was about to sleep and she laid on my top naked. I was on the mood and we started kissing, but when we were on the best part, she just asked me stop because she thought our neighbors might hear us. I asked her to just ignore it and just think about me but she insisted to stop and we'll do it tomorrow.

I feel bad because it always happen. She makes excuses and I don't know if there's something wrong about me.

I've been trying to understand it but sometimes, I also have to consider my needs and it makes me want to cheat on her. 

Advice would be a good help.

I know I'll regret if I'll cheat on her. I know it will destroy our relationship and I know that relationship is not about sex.

But we have needs. Should I talk to her about it?

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