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unbelevable story of a serial cheating wife

My wife cheated on me

Sunday, August 28, 2016 10:48 PM by Curt Daniger Rating: +3|-10

I sware this is real I couldn't make something like this up. So my name is Curtis Woodrow Daniger and I have been married for just over a year at the time of this story. I live in Knoxville TN  where my wife and I have a apartment on the good area of town. My wife is from A cow fuck town named Kings Mountin NC. She moved here to be closer to her mother. I am from San Francisco CA we meet thru a friend and right away I feel hard for this beautiful young intelligent girl I am I US Army combat veteran and a purple heart recepiant. We both feel deeply for each other's looks, personalitys, and intellect. We dated a week before she found out we where pregnant we both where so excited I already had a daughter but this was her first. We ended up losing our son to a viral infection after only 17 days of life. He was three months premature.After his death my wife would never be the same  I have been nothing but loveing careing and supportive husband but most inportantly I have been faithful. But 3 months after his death we where partying at a neighbors apartment we where drinking having fun when a friend called asking for a ride home from work so me being me said OK I asked my wife if she wanted to come with. She said she wasn't in the mood to tag along so late at night so I didn't think twice to leaving her there (second worse decision of my adult life) I returned about an hour and  fifteen min later. When I knocked my neighbor opened the door only a crack when I asked for my wife he said she left an hour  earlier. I said OK and walked across the parking lot home when I got there no one was home so I returned to ask if she saod where she went as I approached his door I heard very loud sex and recognised the girls vioce it was my wife. So I kicked the door tell he answers it. I forced myself thru to find her freshly dressed on couch acting as if nothing happened. I asked him if he fucked my wife he admitted it as I started to teear up I walked to her and fell to her feet and asked why she would do that she said she didn't know why she had a blank face no emotion at all as I balled my eyes out. I left them two shortly after a broke man. It took a week of meaningless sex with x girlfriends before she knocked at my door wanting to talk. I agreed and we ended up back together even thou my heart would never heal all the way after that blainted hurtful disrespectful evil act and a week long affair that I could see from my Windows and my parking lot. But I really loved this girl and voided my policy of not forgiving cheating (biggest mistake of my adult life) but we where doing well and where for the most part happy for the next ten months. Well one day I devaluped an extremely gastrointestinal intestinal bleed at home. Well when I started to uncontrolibly pass puddles of blood I called 911 just before the EMS arrived I told her I wouldn't accept her not accompanying me in the ambulance or in the hospital by time EMS was there I was sliping in and out of consuchisnes  due to the volume of blood I already lost. As they rushed me to the hospital I asked if my wife was in the front seat they said they didn't know. When I arrived at the hospital the doctors said if I didn't get blood in min I would die. After several blood transfusions I stabalized and was sent up to ICU to await surgery. As I was being moved I asked the nurse if my wife had tried to come back to my room she said no one was on hospital grounds with her name they had tried to page her several times with no success. That crushed my fadeing heart beat. So the next two days went by with no sign or sight of my beloved wife. I had left my phone at home and had no numbers to try and contact her I was crushed here I was fighting to keep blood inside my body and in very serious condition and my wife wasn't anywhere to be found. I finally had the sergary and it was a success for the most part but no one was there by my side to support me as I lay in ICU the closest to death I ever had and care to be. Finally two days after my wife finally called saying she had went to her mom's house when I went in the ambulance. She had no excuse for why just that she was there. She hadnt cared enough about me to even call the hospital to see if I was OK or even alive. Come to find out she was drinking at her mom's when her mom invited a friend over. Well as the night wore on fleeting between my wife and the friend turned to kissing then making out and heavy dry humping. Then when her mother returned to the room she suggested they go to his car for privacy without any resistance they sliped into the darkness of his car where he pushed the front seats forward to make room for here sinful affair. Then he put a condom on and proceeded to enter my wife where they fucked tell he came inside of her married vagina. As I lay crying ALONE in the ICU wondering where the love of my life was during this dier time in my life she was under a guy that she didn't even know his name. This was a month ago and I have just learned about it and I am done! She is the most shelfish,heartless,and dishonest girl I have ever known. She can't even tell me why the last timed happened her actions are the most EVIL COLD HEARTED WOMEN TO LIVE  I am faithful while she fucks who she wants when she wants and without any guilt or sence of wrong doing. No one would ever be able to get over the situation around her last time. There is a real girl out there who will warship me for being the good loveing careing faithful guy that I am.

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Monday, August 29, 2016 9:27 AM

wow so you are married to a whore slut and tramp

Monday, August 29, 2016 12:49 PM

Ship her butt back to cow fuck town.

Monday, August 29, 2016 4:48 PM

For your sake, move on.  She will literally kill you. Find somebody who will actually give you the love you deserve.  N

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 2:25 PM

Thank you for your service to our country. You've had terrible things happen to you. Remember this saying: "the first time you are a victim. After that you are a volunteer. You need to leave the relationship. If you don't, she will do it again. But if you let her have a another chance and she does it again, it won't be her fault. It will be yours. 


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