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whos the cheater now

My wife cheated on me

Wednesday, August 3, 2016 4:56 PM by robby Rating: +2|-6

So after reading and responding to some of the stories I have finally been inspired to share mine. So ive been married to my wife for 10 years and together for 12. Im 34 shes 32. I met my wife while i was in college. She wasnt a college student, she was just a chick who lived near the college and was always at the parties and things like that. Over the years everything was good. We were perfect for each other. She was always sitting on m lap and loving me until......After we got married all of that stopped. we had 2 beautiful children so i just assumed it was time to grow up and take responsibility for the children. Well fast forward to 2 years ago. I go to surprise my wife at her job with flowers and to take her to lunch because i got a promotion and couldnt wait to tell her. When i get to the job and ask for my wife and tell them who i am evryone gets silent and they all start ducking me and sending me to different people until someone finally tells me she doesnt work there anymore....Wait WHAT? apparently she hasnt been working there for the last 3 months. So instead of saying something to her i decide to follow her the next day and see where shes going instead of work. Well she drives to this house where apparently the guy shes seeing used to work with her but now works from home. I walk around and spy thru some windows and i find my wife and this dude making out on the couch with her shirt off and breast out. I bang on the window my wife sees me and flipped her shit. she puts on her shirt and runs out the house crying and pleading with me that shes sorry and that its nothing. The guy comes out and I proceed to fucking his ass up. she gets in the car and tells me she will meet me at the house... She goes stratght home we talk and she finally tells me shes been with this guy for 6 months and that he pays her to make it seem like she has a job and paycheck. He helped her to lie to me. Then i find out that he wasnt the only guy. Shes had 3 different affairs in the past 4 years. She said she was confused felt like she didnt get to do a lot things so she felt like she was missing far I've banged 6 girls I have 2 girlfriends and I'm her younger 21 year old cousins sugar daddy. She's losing her mind because my wife has learned as a man I can move faster and better then she can. My wife can't fuck with me know more. She cries everyday because I don't come home. I force her to be 100 percent responsible for the kids. I come home when I want to and she knows who I'm with. Her cousin laughs at her because my wife is in no position to stop it because of her infedelities. I've told her she can go do what she wants I don't care but funny how when I start she wants to stop. So I've learned that the cheater wants to be the only one who can cheat while the spouse sits at home on the couch so women confuse me. When things were good she was cheating. Now that the vows are out the window now she wants to be faithful. Can anyone especially women explain that to me? Its been about 2 years since ive been doing this and i told her im not going to stop because these women are my insurance. that i will always have someone. Do you think she will honestly be faithful now since she knows i can play this game too. I believe that as soon as i stop she will begin again. shes only doing this because now she knows she has competition. Everyday i get home shes sitting on the couch. she blows me every morning and tries to blow me and have sex with me at night but i dont want to because i already got some from someone else. Do you really think shes being honest? Sometimes i think they maybe we didnt get a chance to get things out of our system before we got married. I know im rambling but thanks for reading

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Thursday, August 4, 2016 4:45 PM

You're both extremely selfish. What about your kids? How about being a good dad and role model for them instead of setting them up for permanent damage and resentment towards you? Do you want them to suffer? 

Thursday, August 4, 2016 4:58 PM

In all fairness I hear what your saying but I do keep the kids out of it. I don't bring the drama to the house I felt as if she did. As far as my kids are concerned daddy has to go out of town for a few days. But I still spoil these kids. Especially my daughter. My wife was mad when she found out I got them both DNA tested but what does she expect me to do. When I catch you cheating it makes me think all the way back to the beginning 


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