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Wife of 3 years cheated

My wife cheated on me

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 11:43 AM by Guest Rating: +84|-82

Hi guys, so i have been with with wonderful woman since 2017, we married in 2014 due to her being pregnant with my child, Anyway i never treated her like I should have (I was a terrible husband and father and i deserve this pain) and about a month ago, she walked out after an argument (She has done it before but we always worked things out)..... anyways after begging and pleading for her to come back home she refused. since she moved out with my daughter to stay with her mom and one night my daughter had a terrible flu and fever and she asked me to come over to help which i dont mind as my daughter is my world, and we laying in bed i noticed she is deep in her phone, very protective and taking it with her everywhere, I thought maybe she is chatting to her sisters and friends as she is close to them. Then noticed she dresses up very pretty for work (she works in retail and works long hours) which i was amazed at how beautiful she looked even though we were seperated. so i have being cheated on before i started picking up these signs, i asked her sisters if my wife is chatting to them and to my surprise she doesnt talk to them at all yet someone has her attention.


So a few days ago, before i dropped my daughter by her, she said she is going out with a few friends which i found strange because im dropping our child and she wasnt even gonna be there. But she said she wasnt feeling well and they dropped her off (the guy she was seeing took her out for lunch)... so we started talking etc put my daughter to sleep, and she came onto me saying how much she misses me, loves me and wants to come back and before we mad sex where i came inside her, she said she wants to go for a HIV test which caught me off guard (we always used condoms) then the next day she said she cant do this and she dont want another child, she needs time etc which confused even more cause i thought we were sorted.


My gut is telling me to ask if there is another person involved, which she confessed to, a guy from work that took notice of her when she left me and she has been intimate with a few times without protection in his car, and according to her she has feelings for him which i think is bullshit as work relationships dont really work..... the fag didnt even take her for the HIV test, preganancy test or getting a morning after pill ( I did all this because i do care about my wife's well being) he just asked over instant messaging and calls her and asks if she is okay....... she said she wanted to hurt me in the way i hurt her (yes she caught me flirting with close friend which cut all ties off and i wasnt the man she fell in love with) but i have never cheated on her physically, she say she loves and wants to work this out but how do I trust the woman I love? I feel literally nothing but dissapointment and sadness knowing she sees him at work (she works with him) and she never bothered with protection and another man had his hands on her body..... she say she feels really guilty and is willing to work things out( I forgave her for the sake of my daughter) but if she has feelings for another for another guy that says our marriage is dead......


I have started to change my ways for the sake of daughter by being there more for her as she is only part of wife that loves me......

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Saturday, July 22, 2017 8:23 AM

dude stop simping and divorce her there is no excuse for cheating no matter how you treat her are you stupis go listen some mgtow videos or tom lykis on youtube

Friday, August 11, 2017 9:25 PM

No, divorce is not the answer.  Change your behavior and get used to her cheating.  The die is cast and now you should accept it and live with it


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