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A letter to an ExGf

My wife cheated on me

Wednesday, May 18, 2016 6:11 PM by Guest Rating: +6|-4

Here is an email, that was sent by an ex (for closure), that now, is backfiring in court. This is why I tell you (everyone), to not email anything after a breakup.  a little background, no violence, no restraining order (back then, but R.O. now, cuz of a "tell-all-book"), on all her affairs during the 10 years together, but still up to date, no physical violence whatsoever (hasn't seen her in 3 years (was abandon), until this past court appearance  by both of them! again, no police were ever called during the ten years together.  No D.V.'s at all, between both of them and now after 3 years it's being used against him in court!  Wow, for having a lack of evidence, someone is really desperate when it comes to hiding the truth of her infidelity, especially when it's written, and now published in a tell-all-book! (don't worry, it's soon going to be public!)...  but in the book he's portrayed as a lovable husband. Go figure!  now that this email, has been turned in, and online (for all to view, freely), and publicly, well.... it's now going to be shared, for all... and take it as a learning experience, on what not to write.... again for viewing purposes only, feel free to post your opinions. it's sad, when a judge that's very educated (not being sarcastic), but when a judge doesn't let the whole letter to be red (during pre-trial), fully..  to meet, that's the same thing as judging a book, by its cover, and not taking the time in reading it, reading from the inside pages..  Thanks everyone, for taking the time out of your day, on reading this post.  Both positive and negative feedbacks will be appreciated, like I said, I'm marking this down for the record (books on dating), for the near future. Taking this as a huge lesson, it's very hard, and "dam" confusing, when dealing with an Exgf, with.... no.... heart... period!!

(here is the email that was sent)

To  Exgf

In life there is nothing worse then losing, wh  you thought was your girl  / best friend over some several years together.   She just wakes up one morning and decides she doesn't love or care for you anymore. To make it worse she does the unthinkable.   She quickly packs up some of her belongings when she's informed that your (me), is not home. You would think out of respect for one another that you could of at least have had the courage to let me know that you were planning on coming and start taking things that belong to both of us. I didn't even change the alarm code or the door locks because I still trusted you at least to sit down to talk like grown adults.  Why would you leave  me with all our responsibilities to now handle? Responsibilities that belong to the both of us as a couple that we acquired over the years spent together, don't you think?  Left me now with more stress and worries when dealing with packing up and moving all by myself with no help from you at all. Your timing couldn't be better then to do it before the Christmas Holiday and New Years Eve Celebration. I don't know how I did all the packing, the dumping of things I couldn't take and the stress from moving our things with a deadline on  handing over the keys of our home. To me, the worst 25 days of my life that I'll never forget. To top it off, doesn't even think twice about my feelings and doesn't bother to look back knowing the huge ripple she's caused from that day forward. After all these years we spent together and then you now shift into "GHOSTLY" mode which I guess is the new way for breaking up with one another these days.   Whoever helped and advise you on doing it this way has a lot to learn. Especially when dealing with a long term relationship breakup.   This was not cool, not cool at all going "GHOSTLY" mode.   I guess it makes it easier for someone to stop returning your calls or I texts.  This knowing I have no money on hand to put our things in storage. She does a great job ignoring you, the "cop out" is now that, she claims she's afraid to face, talk or meet up with me, which breaks a man's heart even more. She's now a mean person at times and can be a very disrespectful woman on the phone especially in front of her co-workers.  Now don't get me wrong. I'm no angel at times as well and have lots to blame to share also for our break up, but doing it together is much better than going "GHOSTLY" mode. You would think a person deserve better coming from a woman like her. She's now very good at breaking promises she once said, but what hurts a man the most? Is that it's so easy for her to forget or delete all those priceless memories you once shared together as a couple.   Easily forgets moments when you stood right by her side during decisions when no one else did. Not friends nor family members, just me. It's truly sad when you sacrifice being alone at times during holidays every year when family is brought together the most. To share with one another. Friends would ask why I sacrifice being home alone? Only she knew that I never wanted to upset certain people in her family because of our relationship together. It was worth the sacrifice to let you spend holidays, anniversaries and birthdays every year with your family. Even without me being by your side during those times and me knowing it hurts waiting at home when your all done visiting and  spending family time with them. All this because, I never wanted her to cry again, like she did that first Thanksgiving we spent and ended up sharing together alone. It's funny how a family member invites and then a call from a sister changes it to uninvited. It was so easy for her sister to give her a new choice in which not to upset the family in anyway. The look and tears coming down your face was heart breaking after that phone call from your sister. I wanted to promise that, it wouldn't happen again, but I couldn't when it came to your family. Please, don't, don't feel sorry for me or worry about my feelings like you once said to me, you cared.  Why? Be real, you don't, not you nor any of your family members or any of your so call "co-worker" friends you now spend most of your time with. Wow how time flies by fast.  

Now writing this letter 2 years later. I'm still  known as the so call "BAD GUY" in everyones eyes as of  XX/XX/XXXX.  Althought it seem like the more I tried to talk, or hint the fact that I wanted to see you, the worst it seem our situation at times got over the phone. Especially by the way your now acting and treating me. As crazy as it seems go figure. You left me on the streets with no regard for any of our priceless possessions, which i've lost half of over the past 2 years. I still have a hard time understanding that your're still claiming that your're scared to see, talk or, meet up with me.  I don't know why? I'm never once laid a hand on you.  Ex Gf, I thank you and hope you feel relief for not being there for me during these past 2 years? You honestly think I would've done the same to you or someone else, not right? THAT'S NOT ANYWHERE NOTED IN MY HAND BOOK ON BREAK UP's!! Thank you for giving me the respectable closure I so, so deserved. You really out did yourself this time, but which i've come to learn on how not to always rely on certain people close to your heart. Them hitting you when you're down and out.   I wonder at times if this really satisfies a woman like you? because....  Weather you know it or not, your intentions are now inprinted and locked up. Frankly this break up can make women look bad to us men! Not all men can deal with it's kind of situation.  Plain and simple, I given up, I guess you win!  Stay in your "GHOSTLY" mode as long as you want. Now that you have scarred my heart for life,  enjoy this moment while it last.  It's funny and crazy to think that I didn't see this break-up coming, nor that I did not deserve it this unexcused and very immature way, even from you! Believe me, although I don’t agree on how or what you did to plan this. Im happy knowing that  "I forgive you anyways". Maybe one day will meet up again somewhere and If we ever do?  

(Next sentence is being used, as evidence against me for trial)

《Well you can't blame me, if I decide to unleash and lash out some of my anger towards you. 》 

People would say, "he's finally giving his (Exgf) the angry outburst you deserve". Take it however way it suits you the best.   Until then, take care of yourself.

former X

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Thursday, May 19, 2016 10:37 PM

Wait. She'd been cheating on you for 10 years straight?


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