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At first sight

I cheated on my husband

Saturday, January 23, 2016 1:24 PM by first affair letter Rating: +33|-20

The first time I cheated on my husband the man I cheated with wrtoe my this letter. This is the first version because as we hooked up in the future he added to it in greater deail. even the time I envited him to our home. ;) <3

Sunday afternoon was the first day of a four-day conference, our first meeting started at 4:00 at first; I was not looking forward to it, but that soon changed.  The meeting had started and I sat at the end of the long conference table, people were still arriving, then I seen her for the first time a blonde with an beautiful smile, chest and legs that I wanted.  She sat in a row of chairs next to the wall just to my right; it was hard not to stare at her.  The meeting ended after an hour or so, I did not have the nerve to talk with such a pretty woman, and we went separate directions for the night.

Monday morning I had some breakfast and our conference started at 9:00, I went into the hall and found a seat on the right side of the room near the back; then she walked past me and sat in the row right in front of me, she looked hot!  She turned around and said hi, I could not believe she was talking to me.  After staring at her legs all morning my mind was in overdrive; discreetly I took a picture of the conference hall and made sure to include her incredible legs.  At lunchtime, I went to the hotel restaurant for a quick bite to eat and as the host was taking me to a table, there she was; we made eye contact and somehow I found the nerve to ask her if I could join her and she said yes. During lunch she told me that Sunday night after our meeting she got some food and just went back to her room alone because she did not know anyone.  We went back to our session and later in the day, we had break out meetings, I had to get out of there for a while to cool off, I went back to my room changed into a swim suite and went down for a quick swim then cold shower. I went back to the conference to see if she was still there, thankfully she was.  The first full day of the conference was over.   As we walked out; we talked about going out to dinner, we went to a nice place close to the hotel, we sat in a booth across from each other, I was trying not to get caught staring at her amazing body.  We had a few drinks and a nice dinner, we talked about our families and jobs, she was so easy to talk to, it was great.  After dinner, we went back to the hotel bar and had a few drinks when she noticed a guy sitting alone, she asked him to join us, boom my heart skipped a beat thinking she was bored with my conversation.  He was sitting right next to her and from my view it appeared as if he had his hand on her leg, I couldn’t believe it; he excused himself and went to the bathroom and I asked her if he was holding onto her leg and she said no way, I was relieved.  After a few drinks, she was getting secrets from me that only a few people knew about; and should have stayed that way.  It was time to go to my room before anything else incriminating was said.  I excused myself for the night; she also said it is time to go, and walked with me to the elevator.  When we got to my floor I was tongue tied and afraid to make a move, I am not sure exactly what we said but I looked at her; said goodnight and walked out of the elevator and kicked myself.  As I lay in bed; alone after a cold shower, I wished I knew her room number, last name or had some way to find her but I had to spend the night alone.

Tuesday morning after a long night of tossing and turning, because of sleeping alone all night, thinking I might not have had to, if, I just tried a little harder to make some kind of a move on her the night before.  After a long shower, I got dressed and went for some breakfast.  Today class starts at 8:30, we have smaller classes and I knew she was in my class and was eager to see her.  I found a seat at one of the tables near the back of the room with extra empty seats hoping no one else would sit in them before she got there, because I wanted her next to me.  She arrived a few minutes later and sat next to me wearing tight jeans and a red shirt for a rally we were going to after class.  She looked hot in those jeans, it was tough to pay attention in class because she bet her leg putting her foot on her chair making her jeans even tighter, I kept sneaking looks at her ass trying not to get caught.  I wanted to bump into her so bad, I wanted to feel that amazing body, so lightly I brushed against her with my leg to see what her reaction would be and I think she liked it, as she did not move away.  At lunch, we talked about the night before, we also talked about everything else we talked about the night before and she seemed very interested in the secrets she was able to get out of me.  She said she had an evening flight on Wednesday and I offered to have her bring her luggage to my room in the morning before class so she would not have to check her things in with the bellman, I was actually just trying to find a way to get her to my room.  I enjoyed our lunch, she was very easy to talk to as well as easy on the eyes, we continued our conversation as we walked back to the hotel.

After class we went to a rally and had a fun time, later, after the rally we went back to the hotel in separate cars and met up and went to dinner with a few other guys.  I was hoping I was hoping to be alone with her tonight but I would have to wait.  On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at a store and picked out a nice bottle of wine.  When we got back to the hotel we each went to our rooms, I got some glasses and went back down to the lobby.  She came back down after what seamed like forever but was only a few minutes, she sat in the seat right next to me.  We had a glass or two of wine and then the other guys we had dinner with showed up, and she asked one of them if he wanted to sit on the seat with her, I couldn’t believe it, it was happening for the second night in a row.  After we finished the bottle of wine, she asked if we could go and get another bottle, I said sure and we started walking back to the store a few blocks away, when we were outside of the hotel she was leaning into me holding my hand and I got the biggest hard on in my life.  I stopped her and said I was having trouble walking, she asked why and I kissed her, said I was so hard, and wanted to take her up to the room and have her all night long.  She put her hand on front of my pants on and said lets go take care of that.

We walked back to the elevator, she pushed the button for her floor and I did not attempt to push any buttons except hers, I leaned into her for a kiss, and it was amazing!  When we got into her room I sat on her bed looking out the window; she sat on my lap, we started kissing and before I knew it, her was top and bra were off exposing her amazing breasts.  I could not believe this was happening “she was amazing”, slowly I kept undressing her, removing her shoes, socks then pants; I paused for a minute sucked on her toe for a minute and proceeded to pull off her panties, this is amazing; this was the first time I have ever seen a totally shaved vagina.  Then she noticed I still had all of my cloths on and started pulling them off, all I can remember thinking was this must be a dream and I hope I don’t wake up anytime soon.  Thankfully, it was not a dream but a night I would remember forever.  I lay her on the bed; started kissing her entire body paying special attention to her beautiful breasts, making my way to her amazing bare rosebud; I started eating her, I was hoping she was enjoying this as much as I was, and then; the first of many orgasms that night.  she told me I could do anything I wanted to her I made my way back up to her chest and sucked on her nipples then with my hardness touching against her juicy pussy; I wanted her now, I looked at her as if asking permission and she nodded to say yes and I slid into her wetness.  She felt so good, rolling around on the bed she got on top of me.  I caressed her breasts while pumping harder than I have ever before, she reached around her back and cupped my balls; I have never had someone do that to me before, it felt incredible.  She tensed and told me not to move as she came once again.  We made love more ways and longer than I had ever before.  Before the night ended, I think she climaxed four or five times, it was an amazing night that I did not want to end.  I held her close and we drifted off to sleep, I awoke later and went to get some water, as I returned I was staring at her amazing body and immediately sprung to attention and slipped back into bed.  I started rubbing her amazing ass and slit she got so wet I had to have her again.  I could not sleep with such a beauty lying down next to me; I went back to my room to try to sleep as we had one more day of class. 

Wednesday; was our last day together.  I got up early and went back to her room, she was still getting ready and looked beautiful in the morning light, fixing her hair still not completely dressed I wanted her again right there.  Instead, she finished getting ready. We took her bags back to my room and went to our last day of class.  During class, we had a video to watch; when the lights went out, I moved close to her and started caressing her ass.  We went to lunch and during lunch; she got me so hard from our conversations of our night together, again I had to tell her it was going to be tough to leave.  Before we got back into the class she said she was so wet from what I told her she needed to clean up, I wish I could have cleaned her up with my tongue.  After class, we took our books back to my room and I did what I wanted to do earlier.  We kissed for while then she laid back on the bed, I slipped off her panties and ate her until she came, after I finished feasting on her beauty, I laid back on the bed the then she took my hard on in her mouth until I felt like an explosion, I have never felt like that before.  I did not want our time together to ever end but it had to.  We had a wonderful dinner together.  We walked back to my room for her luggage and then to the waiting taxi, we had one last kiss and she was gone.

Until we meet again

Mike K

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