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Broke my trust very bad

My girlfriend cheated on me

Wednesday, June 8, 2016 12:25 PM by Guest Rating: +28|-5



My girlfriend had been cheating on me for long. I met this girl in my office who was cheated by her ex boyfriend. We used to talk and she told me everything what that guy did to her. Then we end up being in a relationship. We were happy, enjoying and didn't give a damn about this world. I trusted her with my life. We had dreams so alive and beautiful. We even thought of our kids' name. There was so much love, respect between us. 2 years had passed, then we started fighting on trivial issues. In the mean time I had to leave this city due to personal reasons which she was very well aware. This was something I didn't want, who wants to go away from their love? We used to talk on phone. But we used to talk on phone regularly. 


Finally I came back to this city. I knew our relationship is in trouble and I told her that we need to work towards it. She agreed but practically she was not interested anymore. I used to contact her numerous times. I asked her if she had found someone. She said No. I asked her a 1000 times, she always said No. One day she called me and said she is planning to start a business of some network marketing and she wanted me to be her partner. She said this will improve our relationship, we will get time with each other and can plan our future. I had to invest $5500 to get started. I agreed as I trusted her with my life.


In the mean time while I was arranging the money, I got a call from her number and a guy was talking. He said he wanted to meet me. I asked him who he was and why did he want to meet me. He told me his name and said he just wanted to meet me. He didn't disconnect the call. My girlfriend was with him and I could hear them. They were fighting. They guy said "I told you not to contact him, why did you talk to him" and she was defending herself. I listened to the whole conversation and found that she was cheating on me since 1 year. She slept with that guy several times and she was talking to me for the money. I heard her saying she talked to me only for the business. I was shocked, broke and shattered after that. I tried to talk to her about this but she didn't tell me why she did that to me. She blocked me from every social media. I spent my nights crying. Its been a week this happened. At one point I considered commiting suicide but then I realised my life is not to be controlled by such a filthy person. I hate her now. I hate her like hell. I pray God never let anyone in the position where I am now. It hurts and it pains. 


I know how I resist myself from contacting her. I don't want her back but I just wanted some answers. Why she did that to me. I loved her with all my heart, never cheated her. She was my first love, first girl ever in my life. I had dreams with her. But she kept me in the dark.

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Thursday, June 9, 2016 1:06 AM

 She did it because  she never cared for you. She didn't  want you and she told you. All of a sudden  she calls hey let's start a business  give me money. Listen dumb ass  your  fault. Then you want to kill yourself, What!  Why, for a bitch. Man the fuck up. Take the business from her and if you  cant run it through the grown. Stop the fucking tears and become a fucking alpha. If she wants to get back with you tell sure. Fuck her every way you can, make her your personal  bitch then leave her.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 3:54 AM

i just wanted to say stay strong, and at least yours was only a year.. What i mean by that is your not tbe only one that just recently went through this. I was dating now my ex at this time, i met her on my cousins birthday, she was with her bf who was friends with a good friend of mine.So as the night went on a few drinks good lauphs my cousin and a few freinds went across the street. So she ends up coming to the bar im at across the street her bf at the time went hoome cause he had to work early, so then we get talking and we were hitting it off but i had no intentions to move in for the kill. I respected she had a bf and they were together for 6 years and i have morals and respected that.So at the end of the night she hugs me and slips her cell number in my pocket, so going home without reslizing i had her number in my pocket, of course where did it go... Thats right the washmachine. So a week pasts by and i went in to the bar she served at, she was off just having some drinks, then seen me and was excited and cones up and goes what you dont think im pretty.. And by all means she was hot! Anyways looks like im out of space.. Email me [email protected] this story is a wild one... And you will realize how filthy and trashy these so called woman(who still act like there 14.. I liked your story.. Made me think and realize.. And dont off yourself over a woman.. My father did.. It still affects me til this day.. He was with his wife for 19 years abd his so called best friend came along while he was working.. Thus is another story in it self. Feel free to email.i feel sympathy for you and it will get better.. (: Guaranteed.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 8:09 AM

I understand what you are going trough right now. First love you thought was your soulmate, suddenly turned out to be a terrible human being. I know this one girl, shes in the same school as my little sister. She was always looks happy social media she sounds like a nice girl, loved animals and music. She wrote a lot of herself about being bullied in school and treated in her whole life. Sadly, what i heard from my sister and my friends is that she's not the kind of person as she looks. She cheated on her ex twice and second ex once.

See? Its not always so easy to trust people? You dont know what they are thinking and what they are doing behind you back. Life aint easy, but you still gotta stay strong and hit harder. You deserve better than this. (Sorry for my bad english)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 8:11 AM

Treated unfairly*

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 4:51 PM

Man that's the life you going to go through so many girls in that you think I'm going to be your soulmate but let me tell you I went through a lot but I have one girl that I thought I was going to be when she had 3 kids I took on the kids I love them like my own they were young they were like 7 9 and 11 and she whine up going to jail for a traffic infraction for 21 days and I took her kids on nobody else stood up to the plate she gets out of jail everything's alright I'm watching the kids because I'm retired and she wanted a fucking some guy in the van and almost every night before she come home to work from work I got screwed good so I was up packing my shit my shit cuz I have my own home and gave my tenants two weeks notice and I move back home been home ever since been single now for 3 years and I'm not looking for no woman but if something comes my way I'll check it out but man you can't get stuck on one girl like that you'll find the right one when you least expect it and make sure you you been out there with a few girls and make sure if she had a few guys before you don't make it then


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