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Caught wife in 2013 2 times in two weeks

My wife cheated on me

Thursday, July 23, 2015 12:54 PM by Odinseye Rating: +0|-17

    My wife and I had been having alot of trouble since i got out of the Navy in 1985 and went back to my UAW, transmision plant job. First after being gone for 3 and a half years mostly under water i came home to a nothing reception from any one in the family except a note on the door i was to leave my wife alone and take the sofa. I was intending to use the 30 days i had under the contract to take some much needed rest, go have some fun up on the great lakes spend a few weeks getting to know what I had missed over the last 3.5 years.

    Instead 45 minutes later i was yanked off the sofa by my father screaming at me that i had to go get reinstated at HR by 8 am that morning. he had already told them i was coming in. I was pretty angry he would presum he had that right. My mother came out and said we did not need my father attempting to murder me for defiance, and in my return she knew he would die for it, so pleas just do as he wants and go in to HR, I did not even see mty wife my first day back. I went in as told and was put on seconds still in uniform since i had not seen any civilian cloths for almost 4 years except the suit i married my wife in.

   I borrowed some coveralls and went to the shoe store and purchased some steel toed boots,  My old foreman came upp and haded me my old tool box and tools and put me on  the machins i had left almost six years before, The were as dirty, oily, hot and stinking as I rememberd, I again went home and the same note was on the door. I was tired so i droped into sleep to have my father again at 6 thhat morning screaming i needed to get up and find a place to live. I said ok, I was going to get my wife and get somthing to eart since this was Wendenday and i had not had anything in my belly since the thursday before when I prosesed out. This time my father was screaming i am already tired of your defiance she will like what you pick. and you don't have time to deal with her or eat. I got very angry then and pinred my fatther one handed on the cieling in the living room. He was screaming you will start being a man. My mother came out with my wife her purse under her arm and my mother said your father has to go to work please let him go. Get somthing to eat and please calm down. My father walked out the door saying i told everyone he is going to be a problem.

We selected a house near were i worked, Put the DD on it and first months rent which covered the month we were in since it was the second of June. I went to work at 3 pm I had purchased som new jeans, and t shirts, and when i arrived at work that evening there was a prosses server waiting with a folder. I had to sign and understand what i read in 48 hours, it was a guardianship on my wife assigned by the state, i had not known she had been in a mental institution, diagnosed as schizo effective, by polar. I worked another 12 hour shift, put my shift preference in for days, and went back to my fathers house, Again the next morning i was yanked out at six, even my mother asked why. and my father said just to let him know he has no rights but what we allow  I said i had to go to the military relocation offivce any way, Since i had used the last of my travel pay for the house. I needed to take the check i had for final pay and allowences in and get a bank account since i had a pernmanent address now. and turn in the rental i had, I asked my mother wher my ramcharger was and she told me iit was traded the year before on the Marrone firebird in the drivway.

I went and had the things I had moved from SC the week before arranged for delivery that Friday. When i arrived back at my fathers home my fathers car was in the drivway. as well as a caravan, I went in with my wife wondering what was going on. i wanted to rest a little before going back to work. I went in and recognized this girl that was usualy walking out as i was going to work, She was crying on my fathers shoulder telling him how his son was so mean for putting her on second next week. My father said you ar not hiome for two days before causing troble that I have to come home and take care of, He said when you go to work tonight you will remove your bump and let this girl stay on days like a man. From now on you will accept onne instruction, you will shuit up and do as you are told. he turned to my wife who said until just for a short time you wont get people mad and upset you are back i have to hold sex from your life, its just going to be at most 2 years. My mother came through the door in time to here me call her a mercenary bitch. and tell my father i would eventualy do as i wanted without his lording the fact he was my father over me. I went and grabbed my seabag and ditty bag and asked if she was coming she was crying and said not while you are this angry. I took her wallet and went and got som blankets and an air mattres and went to my house to sleep.  My mother bought her over the next morning.

   She said your father is very angry you left the way you did, I told her that, he had interfered and taken everybody elses side for my entire life, and my wife was just standing there crying. I said will you stop that, you don't have a reason to cry the first time i am home since the day we married, you fddiud not greet me like a wife should have, i find out you are ill from a process server, them my father gets into my work were he has no buisness and you stand there telling me that i wont get to be a husbanjd for at least two more years. My mother and wife said we just need you to come back. not make people mad and just wait a few more years , My mother said i know we did not even let you have a breath but please understand people wanted you to just re enlist and not come bback at all with your large seniority now. Undert the contract with my military time i was coming home with more than 60 percent of the 7000 person work force and I knew this.

The two years turned into 16, I truied for a divorce when after two years there was abnnother rerason i had to stay were i was at work, my wife found herself on a bus back to her mother june first 1987, again crying, my father screaming i was not being a man about what i needed to be, and had a court order issued too keep me on my shift working 12 hours or more a day, My wife got most my pay for maintenance I barely got enough to live on. but i walked into the conference room ready to sign the paopers for disolution of mnariage, I was going to give her everything just to get out from under her and my fathers tyrancy, and the judge came in and showed me the guardianship and asked if i had a cashiers chgheck for 3000000.00 to give him for my wifes care. i had been living on less than 7000 it was below poverty my wife got the other 45000.00 for 2 years. I said no I did not he said then i declare this suit to be moot. the marriage will stand until such time as you can get the funds togeter for her care, they walked out with my father screaming about me not cleaning up before the court time, i barly made the court directly from work.

I walked off with him screaming and looked at my wife and her mother and said i hope you like your accomidations tonight. I went back to the 12x35 i rented for less than 150 a month, I lived in three rooms the kitchen, living room and bathroom sleeping on my air matress, i ate mostly ramen noodles, and when my wife and mother in law asked where everything was handed thenmm a storage shed key said i had to be back at three so i need at leastan hours sleep, preferably the four i was going to try and get after my shower. and everything went back to the way it was before 1987. i became resigned to my life without sex, my wife was always the bell of the ball, until 2001 when i had to go make my father angry again by needing a tumor removed from the centeer of my brain.

Three months later my wife is offering me her body if i would back off taking a new job in a new plant. I asked her how many times since 1985 had she made that promise a 100 times or more, if i did not take that holiday, vacation, shift, job or weekend she would show me the best sex i would ever know, i asked her how many boy friends had my father supplied, i said she could please drop dead, i wanted a life, I heard her when she said I was not going to back off again, she could not make me think she was going to keep a promise she made, and i knew about the friends he had set her up with. My father came over and said i had to understand that she should not have been expected to sit at home waiting until they could allow me my seniority its just she had needs to. I told him to get out of my hoiome, and he said i will not I threw him into the front yard.

That night I turned the four men that were sent toteach me my place into trauma care pateints, stood on my kicked in front door with my wife laying under it telling her the nexytt time she tried hurting me by locking me out of the house, she would be leaving by corenors wagon.. My father and his friends after that night started using armed intimidation to force me to work the holiday and vacation slots I choose even weekends were many times with a shotgun at my back, I then Developed MRSA in my spine in 2009, had to retire with 35 years senirity I spent 3 years in rehab relearning to walk without feelinhg in my legs. When I came home my wife was in an affair with a very old BF. I traped them in my drive and was going to hand him that stinking guardianship and send her on her way, I thought he was divorced, I was wrong and he thought humiliating me by sweeping my cane was going to keep me quiet.  My cane had other ideas when i threw it at him fracturing his scull. I ended up in a stress center for anger managment.

When I came home my father struck again. He refused to pick me up saying they needed to keep me and preferably incarcerate me pernmenantly. But the center sent me home on a very cold 40 below with wind chill day. I went up the stairs very hard without mty cane and found the patio door unlocked. I went in and my wife said i will be ready in a minute, when she came skiding to a stop realizing it was me i asked where we were going, to her credit she told the truth, said she was going to a political fund raiser with my fathers best friend and she would be back in three to five hours.

I put my foot down. I said you have run over me with force and blackmail for the last 31 years. i said I don't care what yoiu promised my father or his lousy friend, she owed me 31 years of mariage. She was crying hard by this point, she said that I know you have not been treated right but what did you expect. you just kept heping defiance after defiance on your father and everyone else she asked me how nmany times had i cooperated with anyone since 2001, you havn't. i said well consiuder this another time i am not copoperating You ar not wearing that outfit for anyone but me, And my father and his frinds can go to hell and She took off to find helopp as i ripped everything off her and said she could go now. She said please let me go to the event and you pick a place to meet after words, I will call everyone to get all wrongs laid oyut and things rtalked through to everryones satisfaction even yours, we need to figure out with yopur infirmity what you can be allowed, I said i am allowed what i say i am allowed, and if you think the bank acvcounts are there for you now forget it I had them frozen. She was standing there saying please not like this after soi long. I did not give her the choice, my hard and fast houshold rule now is no invitation is accepted by her unless I go My fatherr felt i over steped my bounds by inviting myself on this vacation with her the first trip besides my move west since 1978. He came to my room telling the world that he was going to finaly put me in my place, He was swinging a bnaseball bat, I hit him hard enoungh I broke his neck. That was in March. My mother is very angry with him, she said things went way to far with me. My wife says my retaking my rights was brutal in the extrem. that somway should have been thought of years ago to get me included before it camre to all the people and familys hurt in this situation, She says she did not think her mother would lover it here in NE WY so much or she would go back to the coast.

I have asked many people how this could have been avoided but i can't seen to think of a way. The state traped me, then i tried to please people for as long as i could stand being a door mat and it makes everyone ngry that i am a door mat that bits now.

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