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Cheated on BF of 13 years with 3 guys in a month

I cheated on my boyfriend

Thursday, May 4, 2017 1:06 AM by Guest Rating: +0|-6

My bf of 13 years and I have been a couple and living together since I graduated Highschool... Both of us are 30.  He is my first and only serious bf that I've ever had.  My 20s were not fulfilling, basically became a house wife and never went out - him and I were together all the time. He didn't like me hanging out with my family or the 1 girlfriend I had and I had to disown all my guy friends so he became my only friend... I do love him but we've had more downs then ups but the ups always seemed to outweight the downs...  We don't have kids, not wanted on my part. But 13 years later and now I feel like we are roomates instead of lovers. I work 1st shift and he works 2nd/3rd shift so we hardly see each other.  When we do, he never wants to leave the house, only wants to play his video games and chat with his buddies. I want things to work out and I have TRIED many things to entice him, usually I would just get yelled at to leave him alone. How do you just end a 13 year relationship... Ever been with someone but felt so alone? But then some days hes like the sweetest person ever which keeps me attached. 

He started going out a lot at night.  I tried to go with but majority of the time he would ditch me to go chat with other people... A few years ago, I started becoming close friends with my bfs stepsister (SL) who is 7 years younger. When she turned 21, we all started going out to the bars and I started to have fun again. I've never had an interest in other guys, really thought I was becoming asexual!  One night, I went out with SL and another gal and we met a group of guys that are here from out of state working for the summer.  My 2 friends bonded with the 2 younger guys and I bonded with the Bossman who was married which I'll call BM, who is 37 so a lil older. There was harmless flirting going on but I figured perfect, don't have to worry about getting serious since hes committed. For the first week, we hung out with these guys almost every day. The attention and flirting was awesome, it like woke me up. It made me pay more attention to my own man but he was still ignoring me.  I've had other opportunities over the years but nothing I ever even thought about pursuing.  Well back to BM, our conversations started to get heated, BM had gotten SL's number from his guy that was bonding with her. Messaged her to get my number. He would text me, ask me to come over because he needed a backrub. And then he'd use his guys phone to text me. I guess he would go to his room almost every night and tell him to get me to come over. Well things were not going well at home so I went out the next weekend and the guys were all out again. BM and I connected, we were conversing about our hobbies and family and flirting and he was teaching me how to play pool and we were basically in our own lil world, nothing was interrupting it even when another chick tried to chat with BM. It was nice to have someone's full attention. When he decided that he was going back to his room, he invited me over to watch a movie. Well I may have been drunk but I knew what I was doing and I followed him to his motel room. He was surprised that I actually came since he had been trying all week. Well needless to say, the hanging out turned into a hot and heavy activity - hes much bigger then my man and it was amazing (13 years of the same and only thing I've ever had)... Afterwards I was satisfied but also felt completely guilty, couldn't believe that I had done that, ruined my 13 year relationship with a MARRIED guy! The next day came and I was on Cloud 9 - went out again and met up with the guys again. Went to BM's room again and had fun.  My plan with this was just to have fun, I knew he wasn't going to leave his family.  The first month, the days blurred together but we were hanging out almost every day. His guys were even calling him my man and that he must of had a crush on me because he's never acted like that - hed get jealous if the others would try to flirt with me. One night he got into some random dudes face because of something it had said to me that he didn't like. After that night, he must of realized that things were getting serious.  He told his guys that he wasn't going to see me anymore but then would make the effort to "run" into me when we were out.  I was still just having fun, wasn't falling for him... 

Well BM went home for a week so we had a break. SL was still chatting with her guy so we would know when they were back in town and this time they came back with a "new guy", who has been BMs bestfriend since Middle School... SL wanted to see her guy so I got dragged out with her.  BM introduced me to the new guy, talked me up, like he was pushing me onto his friend. I ended up adding his friend on Facebook and got his phone number.  Because BM had went home, he blocked my number on his phone, I guess worried I might message him while he was home.  Well now I had his friends number so I could bother him for BM. His Friend and I started chatting, I even went and took him away from BM and we hung out one night.  That was a mistake, I was naughty... We were booze crusing and making out with me and was trying to get into my pants and even pulled his pants down and pulled out his dick, hes bigger then BM!... Well I think he told BM that he had gotten into my pants. Of course BM would believe his life long friend over some chick he knew a month.   So BM was mad at me, but why should he have been, he has a wife... But one night BM got real with me, had a serious conversation and told me that we needed like a month or 2 break, that he was worried about his family finding out and getting a divorce.  I understood, I had my own life to worry about.  I said fine and it was fun while it lasted.  The next night, decided to go bowling and all the guys came out even BM, these guys are welders so always working. Well BM made the effort to actually clean himself up; nice clothes, shavened and smelling good... The night before, BM had given me a backrub and roughly so my shoulders were killing me so I just watched the group bowl.  BM made sure to keep me in the conversations and even sat with me most of the night. Of course he was flirting with me and I said you know we are supposed to be on a break, why are you talking to me... hes like ok maybe not tonight - that night I went home with him again. That was one of the best nights with him - all of them were hitting on me but everyone knew BM was mine and I was his.   Another bowling night came along and tried to get BM and the "new guy" to come out but they wouldn't so it was just me, SL, SL's guy and the brother of SL's guy, which we all called the "Hot One".  The "Hot One" is 5 years younger then me so I didn't have an interest and he never showed any..  Well he could tell that I was in a bad mood, BM wouldn't come out. So his goal the entire night was to put me in a good mood. The 'hot one' is the flirtiest one of them all and he was REALLY laying it on me. Calling me gorgeous, cheering me on even on gutterballs and buying me all my drinks and my game of bowling. Try to tickle or touch me in some way... SL and her guy are pretty much love birds at this point and were all over each other.  The 'Hot One' kept saying that he wanted that, wanted to make out. I said to him then why don't you find someone to make out with then. So he grabs me and starts kissing me, INTENSE kissing - kind of blew my mind away and the fact that the 'Hot one' was hitting on me even though hes the main one calling BM my man and got yelled at by BM when he interrupted our Pool game one night. But every time we'd go out for a cigg he was on me. He even kissed me in the bowling alley for good luck shots and I was being called his wife... Eventually we stop bowling and just went to the bar. We are all outside smoking, making out with the hot one, we come back in and BM had shown up all by himself and he is wasted, can't believe he had driven over..  So hes the one who wanted to avoid me but deliberatly came to the bowling alley. Well I was excited, SL saw BM first and ran up to him and gave him a hug.  I followed suit, minus the running, gave him a hug and held on.  The 'Hot One' saw this and I think became jealous because he got into my face and tried kissing me, I leaned away so fast like what the hell are you doing. BMs like oh I see you've been claimed by "the hot one" now. I said no, I don't know what he's doing, help! "the hot one" tried again and SL got him away from me.  She's like BM is her #1, sorry. So the Hot One became all poopy. That night, my BF did a surprise visit and came out to the bowling alley and was planning to meet everyone. Somehow I convinced him not to stay and good thing I did because both the hot one and BM were wasted and probably would have gotten me in trouble.  Since BM was there, even though he was trying to ignore me, I stood next to him the entire time, the hot one was like nope not giving up, and again tried to kiss me in front of BM. He's like we were kissing buddies and then BM shows up and I am nothing. And this time he succeeded because he grabbed my face and wouldn't let go. SL had to get him away again. But whats funny is that night, BM had me take him back to his motel room, I was so excited because he has a BIG truck and I got to drive it.  So again he's the one who wants to avoid me but comes out wherever I am and then has me following home or take him home... Well that night BM was REALLY drunk and he ended up passing out on me.  I went over to the 'Hot Ones' room to make sure he was ok and ended up fooling around with him - man the 'hot one' really knows how to use his tongue and hands. 

So at this point, I've had sex with the married one multiple times, made out with his best friend and saw his dick and then fooled around (no sex but more then making out) with the hot one who is BMs family friend... All within a month! 


Well they went home for a week again before Easter and when he came back, BM was completely different. I wasn't allowed to talk to him or see him or hang out with the others. He even bought a $20,000 camper and took his crew to a campsite instead of getting hotel rooms and the campsite was 40 minutes away from their jobsite and all this just so he could avoid me. Shit, I would have just taken the $20,000 and avoided him! BM got so crazy that he wouldn't even drive into Monroe for fear of seeing me... And one night the 'new guy' had a date and BM was worried it was me so he made his friend take a pic of the chick and send it to him so he could confirm that it wasn't me!  I can't believe how much of an influence I had on him... It's been over 3 weeks now and I still haven't seen or talked to him but I've seen all the others and got to make out with the Hot One again. All because SL and I snuck down to the town they were camping near and hung out with the hot one and SLs love. The second night we went down again and almost got caught by BM. He was threatening to fire anyone that let us come down... But apparently I am the crazy one. I dont know what all happened but the Hot One ended up quitting and went back home, and BM made him take his brother with him which was SLs love. I think BM was tired of SLs love getting distracted but whats crazy is that the hot one and SLs love were the main welders, only ones left are the new guy who can't weld and BM to finish the job. I don't know what they'll do now... BM and the new guy went home for their week off, SLs love was the one that would tell us when they were back in town, SLs love texed me their work schedule so if they follow it, I'll know if hes back but I won't really know when hes camping a half hour away... But it was actually really hard to see the 'hot one' go, we had gotten closer in the weeks before, besides making out just conversating in general.  He was very shy and didn't like talking or opening up. But when he left, I cried, I think its because I knew with both of them gone that I wouldn't see BM ever again. At least with them around, I had a chance to run into him... The 'new guy' is BMs bro for life, so whatever BM wants, he does so if he has to avoid me because BM said so then that's what he has to do. He even blocked me on Facebook so I couldn't message him anymore but recently unblocked me so I dont know... But I guess its good that BM hasn't talked to me because my bf and I have been reconnecting and it has been nice. We dont converse as much so that I will miss with BM. Just the 2 of us sitting at the bar, chatting and telling stories, being in our own little world and nothing around us seemed to matter. SL and her love even noticed that we would always be in our own lil world whenever we were together.  I guess it's also good that hes gone because by the end of the 1st month, I got too attached, once he said he liked me and then basically threw me aside, my heart broke.  The last night I saw him, was I guess my goodbye fuck. When he fell asleep, I went into his phone and unblocked my number. When he came back and a week into his camping, I messaged him and he actually replied but reblocked me. I don't even care about the intimacy, I miss the attention and I miss talking to him. I don't know why I've gotten so emotional about it, I really felt like we had a connection, I was so comfortable around him, hell he was taking a shower one night and I went in and peed. Usually it takes like a year to get that comfortable. Maybe that was part of the problem, got too close too fast.  I've been crying at work and at home and of course my bf hasn't noticed, my coworkers have tho...  I really don't even care about the other 2 guys, they were just my rebound from BM. But as I sit here and write this and reflect on him, I really dont know why I even liked BM that much; swear he had an ED problem, basically broken back (mutliple slipped disks) and blind as a bat - basically an old man. But he was my old man to play with. I miss you BM but if I could go back to the day that I met you, I would have just walked away. 

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