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cheated on by Long distance boyfriend

My boyfriend cheated on me

Sunday, June 4, 2017 11:21 PM by calamittt Rating: +99|-38

i met this guy during a party at a friend's house, we cliqued instantanely; This was the first time i fell a connection with someone this quickly. he added me on twitter and instagram then we started to talk. I was just going trough a break up with my ex boyfriend when we were talking. I made him wait 6-7 months before going on a date. We hanged out for about 3 months until he had to leave in Canada for school and football. I live in France. At first I didn't want any long distance relationship and i told him about that but he really wanted to make it work with me, he wanted me to be his girlfriend and having me by his side. So I stayed. We saw each other every 6 months during 1 or 2 months. We had been together during 2 years and I found out he cheated on me. He was in really in a relatonship with another girl during 5 months, had unprotected sex with her 4 times a week and all. And in the middle of that, he went visit me during 1 month where I introduced him to my parents and relatives, while he knew he was cheating on me. I even bought my flight with him. This could have been the first time I went to visit him in Canada because he was always the one who came. 

I knew he was cheating because I trusted my guts and I digged. I saw this girl on his instgram and always talked about her. The last 2 months of our relationship was full of arguments when we used to never argue. We were literraly best friends our whole relatuionship until I started having doubts of him cheating. He manipulated me, playing me likfe a fool, making me belive I was paranoiac and all. Everytime I told him about my doubts he managed to reverse the situatuion making me feel guilty of accusating him.  

Till the day I had the girl on the phone because i went talking to her and she told me all the truth. They were seeing each other everytime, she cooked for him, watched series, cuddling and everything you do with your girlfirend. Moreover, she is in love with him. I left him, because he keeps acting like a child, and at first he didn't admit. Then he keeps saying that he doesn't love her at all, that he is using her bc he feels alone etc. But i don't care. I discovered someone that i didi'nt know. A cheater, liar and everything. he apologized but I didn't forgave him yet + I know he still sees the girl. I even think he cheated on me before that girl. 

It hurts because he knew I was going to take the plane soon, and he kept on hanging out with this girl anyway!! But the thing is that I didn't delete my flight for Canada because i told my auntie I come to see her and I discovered all that 1 month before taking the plane. I'll stay for a month and a half and it's very long. I left him and I want to move on but i'm kinda scared of seeing him again, scared becuase I know he will be just next to where I'll stay; I don't know what to do. Because yes i still love him so bad he was my first everything, my soulmate i thought but the betray is too huge. i know I souldn't see him because i really NEED to move on and I know he won't change but a little part of me wants to ......I may think of a second chance bc he keeps on telling he will change, that he loves me, wants me to be his future but idk...once a cheater always a cheater right? and when the trust is broken, mostly in long distance relationships, it's really hard to get that back. Is a confrontation worth it? 


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Thursday, May 10, 2018 4:43 PM

FFFUUCCKK !!! all this bullshit makes no sense is this it .. why do guys always get a blame for being a jerk and accused FFUUCCK THAT !! 

Saturday, May 15, 2021 5:50 PM
So apparently I am supposed to get married in 2 months time to my fiancé but she started acting strange, and was moving suspicious whenever she was on her phone. I spoke to her about it at first but she said I was just overreacting and it was all cool. I still didn’t believe her as I knew something was wrong, so I went ahead to talk to my friend and he gave me the number of a professional tech guy who he said was gonna help me infiltrate and access her phone without her knowing . He got access and I got all I needed, saw so many nasty chats with her ex and co-worker, neglecting the fact that she's engaged. I haven’t told her what I discovered yet cause I'm still heavily confused as to why my partner who i trusted so much will treat me this way. Kings If you feel like you notice similar traits with your significant other its best to know the truth. The Tech guy who helped # l 910 898 2303 his name is Josh.

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