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Cheated on throughout pregnancy

My boyfriend cheated on me

Friday, January 20, 2017 10:30 AM by Jessica Rating: +118|-22

Last week while cleaning, I came across a hidden stash of memory cards. Upon review, I was heartbroken to see dozens and dozens of .homemade sextapes starring my fiance and his ex/ sons mother. Even more devastating was when I realized they were all recorded throughout my entire pregnancy and a couple spaced out after. Including sleeping with her just hours after I gave birth, and was still in the hospital.  I have been suspicious of thier relationship for along time. And have begged and pleaded with him to just tell me the truth, so we can work through it. Although he did reluctantly admitt to sleeping with her once, when I first got pregnant. He swore hundreds.of times that was it. I always knew he was still lying, but never dreamed of this level of betrayl. This isn't the first time I caught him cheating, but before it was a one time thing with a girl he barely knew. This is an affair. With someone he shares a child and a history with. We had already discussed the subject to death, without getting anywhere for months. Now that I found the truth,  I decided I didn't want to hear what he had to say. I packed his stuff and set it outside with a note that said "we deserve better" I taped the memory cards and my engagement ring to the bottom, and I locked the door. He came home, and without a word, quietly loaded his things and left without hesitation. He has shown no remorse, hasn't apologized or even acknowledged any wrong doing. As he has many narcissist traits, I am going no contact a much as possible. Only discussing our daughter when we absolutely have too. It's been a.week and while I'm greatful to have him out of my life. I can't help thinking what is now, and what back then, was going through his mind? Is it possible he really feels no remorse, and doesn't care about the pain he's caused me? Or is he just hiding it. It's clear he never loved me, but What could I have done to make him hate me this much? I've never cheated, I work so he can be a stay at home dad, I gave him everything. why does he have no respect for me? No feelings? How is that possible? How would a man justify repeatedly cheating on his pregnant fiance to himself, so that he's not even sorry? Why would he.continue lying about it to keep me around? He had a way out dozens of times. Why not just leave me for her? How do men look at these situations? I'm trying to keep no contact going. So I'm asking for your opinions instead. Thank you for letting me vent. 

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Saturday, May 6, 2017 4:41 AM

This is painful to read.  I'm sorry u went through it.  I had a similar experience with a selfish narcissist, but on a much smaller scale.  

I don't hold her accountable.  I view her as a person with legitimate mental problems, someone to be pitied and avoided at all costs.

I try not to dwell on my bad experience.  I think that after having gone through it I will appreciate a true, loving woman so much more if and when I find her.

Please don't seek revenge on him by being less than the amazing mother you would have otherwise been to his daughter.  I've seen it happen.  You shouldn't even seek revenge at all, really.  He's sick.  Pity him and move on.  Be the adult, stay strong, that's my 2 cents.

Best of luck to you!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 5:12 PM

I am sorry to hear what you had gone through with your cheating spouse. I had recently experienced the same  with my cheating boyfriend.  When we first met it was an immediate attraction and we had strong chemistry.  I had through I met the one. We dated for 6 months then we became official. After a year we were engaged. After while I became suspicious with him talking to other woman.  I became pregant in December 2016 and during the time I was pregant I found out he was cheating on me on multiple woman. I can't count how many woman but it was the worst feeling.  I stayed to still make it qork aftwr he said sorry ao many times and promised it wasnt going to happen again. I had a miscarriage not too long ago and I truly beleive it was from stress.  This past weekend I saw on his phone that he was still seeing other woman.  I called it off and he just told me last night I am sorry I am speechless. You deserve better. Its in my nature to just hurt you and I cant help myself.  It was the last straw so now I am trying to cope wit this and move on.  I am experiencing so much heartache and pain. It almost seem impossible to get through this... but I know I will. I hope it all worked out for you.


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