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Cheated with a Sex Offender

My wife cheated on me

Monday, July 13, 2015 6:55 PM by SteveN Rating: +7|-9

In 2013 my wife and I were having troubles and she had an order of protection taken out against me. Although we got back together, the protective order has been hanging over my head like a shroud of guilt. I remember the first words out of my moms mouth were "well, you must have done something!" No matter how much I swore up and down that I never threatened or raised a hand to her, all I've ever gotten were sideway glances. Worst of all, the order of protection was served at the school I worked at so in addition to family, I had co-workers, students and parents thinking I'm some kind of abusive monster.

Anyway, about a week ago, I was playing around on my daughters tablet and I hot the Chrome Icon and up puts my wifes email account. My wife has ALWAYS been very private about her emails so naturally, I took a good long look and discovered right at the time of the protection order, she was involved in the most sexually graphic affair I could ever imagine. The images in those texts will be with me forever!

I didn't say a word but I was in shock. I waited two days before I confronted her and then I just exploded. I put together a document that showed the chronology of the texts coincided with the time of the protective order and I have been emailing it far and wide! Anger feels so good! I've emailed churches, schools, the idiot judge that signed the ex-parte order -  EVERYONE! I'm crushed but I'm vindicated! As I right this, she is in the bedroom feeling wounded that I did this to her. Fucking bitch!

The best part: her "lover" was a convicted sex offender who had contact with my daughters, gave them presents and when I asked my 7 y/o did he ever touch you, she said "not so much." I've contacted the Indianapolis Prosecutor to tell him he is a fool. The Marion County Sheriffs Deparrtment to tell them they are fools. The Mayor of Indianapolis to tell him he is a butt-hole. I've sent the texts to newspapers, her friends, ohh -- I'm crushed but Jubulant.

Best of all - my dear old mom: I told her flat out to go f**k herself because she believed the words of an obvious slut over her own son. I'm crushed but I'm in ecstacy! I'm working on having the sex offender/lover fired.

I'm devastated but I'm on fire, I've lost ten pounds, I can't sleep, I'm moving to Arkansas in a few weeks and stopping all support. I'm going to treat her like a whore. I'll but $300 blowjobs off her and $500 butt fucks.

This is a nightmare!

This is a wet dream! 



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Friday, July 17, 2015 11:25 AM

I wonder if you have more updates?

Did she accually sleep with that guy? if so did you get tested?

I would like to suggest that calling people, that you dont really know, fools is not a good approach, it will not help you in geting back at those that you really want to pay for their mistakes.

I hope that this explosive behaviour will calm u dont in near future, and really try to sheild you kids from this!

Friday, July 17, 2015 4:23 PM

Hi Guest, yes she slept with the guy for almost 2 months. There is more to the story - its really worse. As I said, my slut wife had a order of protection taken out against me in 2013 but I didn't mention that she also had my son (her step-son) removed from the house for no reason what so ever. He was 17 y/o, in the middle of his junior year in high school and it really affected his studies. So I am furious on many different levels and for many different reasons.

I also have a plan now to give her a taste of her own medicine. She thinks that we are "working on out marriage" but in fact, I rented an apartment in Arkansas and I'm going to leave in about 3 weeks. She is 1 semster away from getting her LPN and when I leave, that plan will come to a grinding halt. I already had my pay changed from direct deposit to check. She just asked me about that today (the dumb slut!) and I said, gee I don't know but I'll go to HQ and check on Tuesday. Actually, I'm going to see a lawyer and file for divorce. I want her to be served just as I'm walking out the door, having explained that I've just set her up over the past month. It will be like two shoes dropping at once!

I continue to expose her to the Indianapolis community but I will save exposing her to her friends, family and Churches (that's right - she belongs to 2 Churches!) until after I leave - that will be the 3rd shoe dropping on her. In fact, when she goes to bed, I stay up sending scatter - shot emails detailing the chronology of when the protective order was filed and lifted and how it matches almost exactly when her affair with the sex-offender started and finished. My slut wife is from China and her family is very conservative. I know her biggest fear is that I tell them and I will. My hope is, after I do, she does a nose dive off a bridge into traffic.

Right now my goal is to fuck her in the ass after she sucks my dick. I continue to treat her like a slut. I wait till she is asleep and then I go in and wake her up and demand sex. 

I'm going to destroy her!


Saturday, August 1, 2015 1:18 AM

Charge her for chid endangerment, see how she deals with a criminal  record, meanwhile keep on keepin' on.

Sunday, October 18, 2015 6:21 AM

Can you please update us on what happened next, Steven? 


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