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Cheating on my husband...

I cheated on my husband

Monday, August 21, 2017 9:59 AM by Guest Rating: +74|-147

I'll try and get to the point quickly, I have ptsd from being raped. I was on a disability leave from work for a year and a half, single w 2 kids.  Told this guy I work with that i didnt want a relationship, he kept pressing, I kept telling him I didn't like him like that. Somehow I ended up w him... and married him. I knew I shouldn't have, I told my therapist I felt it was a mistake before,  she insisted it was just cold feet. I felt angry with him after I married him bc I felt he took advantage of the fact that I was on disability for a mental issue. I regretted marrying him from day one,  he treats me and my kids good.  He treats them like step children,  doesn't hug them or spend time with them,  nonetheless he takes care of them and gives me all his money. I pay for all the bills w his money bc we had a baby,  she's 5 mo old now. I wanted a baby just bc I did,  not anything to do with being in love with him.  He has zero sex drive,  we have sex 2 times a year if i initiate.  He has erectile dysfunction and a very tiny penis.  He's super obese and we can't even do it from the back bc he can't reach w his huge belly... He sweats all on my face and it drips when he's on top,  it's horrible.  It always ends w a hip cramp for him or he goes soft.  He went to sleep at 7 pm on our wedding night,  it sucked.  Before that he was into sex. He sucked at it,  but he treated me good and i just dealt with it... ever since we got married he stopped hugging and kissing me. We don't touch or spend time together.  Because of the baby i work an opposite shift than him,  so i never see him... i am not attracted to him, im not in love with him, i want to leave him,  but i cant. I have no one to watch the baby,  my mom will watch the boys though because they're older. I don't know if i can afford to leave him until the baby is at least 4 when my mom can watch her. I'm miserable,  I've tried talking to him many times.  No change,  he's almost 50. 17 years older than me. I feel trapped,  so depressed, i think of dying bc I'm so unhappy. I met a guy at the gym, we became friends, i told him the story. I don't trust anyone,  so i am not sure if he's really into me for me or because of the way i look. I'm very fit and young, i am told I'm attractive all the time... i found myself over his house and i cheated, we kissed.  There's been allot of tension for months between us, i worry he'll eventually tell. I suspect he's just into me for sex,  he wants it. I told him no,  bc he told me he likes me, i said prove it.  Also, i had a c section, I'm very fit except for my tummy.  It's completely trashed,  I'm scared to let him see bc i think its so gross, i need a tummy tuck... ultimately this guy is half the age of my husband,  actually has a sex drive,  he's super muscular and hot. He acts like he wants me,  and he does. Unlike my husband, i don't feel attractive to my husband.  ive tried getting him herbs and sending him for tests to see if something is wrong with his testosterone but he says the Dr claims it was all normal. I feel so stuck in this life. 28, 3 kids,  like there's no out. I don't feel guilty either, i feel anxiety though. 

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Thursday, August 24, 2017 7:24 PM

This post was written in a typical fashion that guides the reader into a natural state of sympathy for you, thereby attempting to justify your decision to cheat.  A quick aside, you said he was 17 years older than you and then you said you were 28.  45 is not almost 50.  Now back on track, you married a fat slob without a sex drive.  You may never know the exact mental deficiency that made you do that (feelings of inadequacy due to the previous rape?) and maybe you should work on that with a new therapist.  But that doesn't really fix your current issue.  You have two choices. 

1. Ask for an open marriage. It sounds like he might go along with an open marriage because he doesn't have a sex drive anyway.  If he says yes, then good for you, you can keep taking his money and also get your sexual needs met elsewhere.  It is not complicated, you just have to find the courage to say the words to his face instead of sneaking around like a whore behind his back. 

2. If he doesn't agree, then get a divorce before you cheat on him again.  Assuming you live in the United States or any other civilized western country, you can easily get a divorce.  Stop making excuses about a baby.  There is plenty of help for single mothers out there.  Move on with your life.  For you to stay and cheat while making excuses just makes you the bad guy.  Fatty will get all the sympathy if you run around on him and rightly so.  Also, if you care about him at all, you shouldn't want to crush his soul by cheating.  Which it will, unless he likes to be a cuck, but then that is back to my first point about asking for an open marriage. 

I would say good luck but there is no luck in this equation.  Do the right thing and stop the pity party.

Sunday, March 13, 2022 3:22 PM
if I were your husband i would have set you on fire
Thursday, June 30, 2022 2:59 PM
The way this story sounds, the guy will be dead in five years, if you are so fit you should insist he go to the gym with you. Throw out all sugary products in the house lose the beer, seltzers, wine, and just have fresh foods and he will lose the weight. A lot of people that are obese don’t have sex drive bc they are insecure. Work it out it’ll be worth it. And stay away from the dude at the gym, you are just another trophy for him.

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