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Completely innocent in his foolery. Goodbye 7 years!

My boyfriend cheated on me

Monday, September 5, 2016 11:41 PM by Guest Rating: +10|-5

Hello readers! I'll be sharing my stories regarding my love story that I thought would last forver. I had a boyfriend, we met when I was in high school. We were classmates and became friends. I was the president of the class and he was the "prince charming". Until one day, his friend, one of our classmate teases us until I develop and he courted me. I said "YES" after a month and then we became lovers. He was my first boyfriend, my first love but I wasn't his first. He had many ex before but I didn't mind that. He was so sweet, respectful, and one thing that made me fall for him is his efforts. He put all the efforts in our relationship and he showed me that he really loves me. We did amazing things, we travel together and I always go to their house, spend time together with his family and relatives. Because of the belief that if "he really loves me and he can't afford to lose me", I've changed, I did things that could make him hurt, I became a nagger, a demanding, a clingy and I wanted that all his attention would be mine. Yes, sometimes I hurt his feelings but I never cheated on him. Never!

Until one day, when I was 2nd year college, I checked his FB account and found out the convos with other girls, not just one but MANY. Those are sweet conversations and he courted some of those girls through chats. I was so hurt that time and didn't expect that he could do that because I thought that he really love me. I broke up with him but he didn't agree. He cried, apologized and ask for a second chance. I was so soft that time and because I love him, I forgive him. We were back to our happy relationship. He make me feel again that he loves me and he did everything to make me happy. That's the time that I forget what he did because of his efforts. When we were in 3rd year college, the nightmare happened again. He cheated again, but this time, he's the one who broke up with me. That made me somehow "crazy" because I cannot handle that kind of situation. That's my first time to experience the biggest pain.  I beg him to stay because we'll be turning to 4yrs together but he did not stay. I became martyr that even he had another 3 girls, I always hope that we can save our relationship. But as time passes, I've realized that I had to leave not because I don't love him but beacuse I cannot take the pain anymore. He tried to stop me through text but I tried to be strong, I've changed my mobile number so he can't reach me anymore. I've experienced sleepless nights, I've lost my appetite.  I think I lose everthing! But did my best to get over and move on. I had two boyfriend after him. One for two months and the third for 3 months. My second boyfriend was just a rebound. But on my third boyfriend, I completely moved on! He treats me so special. He did things that my first boyfriend didn't do, he cooked me. I can feel that he really love me because of his actions and efforts. I've fallen with my third boyfriend. That's the time that my feelings for my 1st already gone. But after 3months of being together, my third boyfriend changed. He became famous because he was a model, he joined many pageants and many girls are trying to get his attention. I broke up with him because I don't want to worry that he might be stolen with other girls.

That the time that I've added my first boyfriend on FB. I have no intention of getting him back, I wanted only to be friends with him. We became good friends for how many months and damn! he courted me again. I said NO because I'm afraid that he might cheat with me again. But he was so hardwoking, he did not stop to win me back. Until I've decided to say YES. We became lovers again. I ask him to promise that he won'y cheat anymore and he'll change. He promised me. We were happy again just like before. He became sweet and he makes me feel that he love me so much. But I was so fool because after 3yrs of being back together, here we are again. My instincts keeps on telling me that he's cheating. So I asked him but he denied. He said that he won't do what he did to me before. He said that he won't leave me and cannot afford to lose me. So I've trusted him even if I was full of doubts. One time, it was confirmed that he had another girlfriend, that was his co-worker. I was so disappointed because he wasted all the unlimited chances that I gave him. I was broke that time but not the same with the first time that I feel like I became paranoid. I did not communicate with him anymore. I broke up with him. He tried to stop me but I his strategy did not stop me. Yes he truly love me but he's not contented with one girl. He cheated many times.

What I have realized now after reading some articles is that I was with a "fuckboy" for almost seven years! He was immature and he wanted many girls to boost his ego and achieve self-fulfillment. A fuckboys always cheats and thats how he does. A fuckboy disrespects and lies his mother. A  fuckboy has no conscience and not guilty of cheating and hurting girls. He tries to win many girls by making them feel like she can take the moon and stars for the girls. And when the girl has fallen for him, thats the time to get sex to that girl. Damn! A fuckboy always wants nothing but sex! I was completely innocent in his foolery!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016 4:29 PM

That's not what a fuckboy is. A fuck boy is a weak ass pussy that people can push around. If he was a fuckboy you would own him. For example a cuckold is a fuckboy. All these men on here who are being cheated on and crying about it are fuckboys. Your boy friend is a narcissistic. All he thinks about is what he wants. Every time he wanted you he came at you hard and once he had you he got what he wanted. 

Thursday, September 8, 2016 3:49 AM

I know exactly how you feel my bf had been lying to my face & cheated on me with a 16 yr old.. He got his karma by finding that the girl he was with does dirty things with other ppl so he dumped her. When I confessed to him again that I still had feelings for him he didn't feel the same way, only to find out he already had another gf right afterwards so damn fast. I had it with his secrets so I had no choice but to leave him thanks to my friends who gave me gr8 advice dealing with "cheaters". Honestly I don't regret it at all I'm happier than I ever been & learned my lesson about womanizers like him. You should of never got back with your ex cuz they will keep doing what they're doing & hurting you more. You deserve so much better 👍

Friday, September 9, 2016 1:32 AM
Jacob Bangieyev

Omg!!!! Wow I feel so bad for all of you immature little girls. You all need a man who could treat you like a queen. Like I do for my wife. I am a different type of guy. I'm almost 30 years of age and I have NEVER cheated on  anyone. I've only had long relationships. First girlfriend was for 3 years, second was for 4... my boyfriend right after my 2nd girlfriend lasted 2 years also until I met my wife and dumped his ass. I was so attracted to him. He always had beautiful clothes and wore his hair in the cutest way. The first time we had sex was incredible. I felt his penis throbbing inside of my butthole. He was jizzing all up inside of me. He jizzed so nicely that my balls started retracting upward and without hesitation or even feeling like I was going to have an orgasm, it happened. I cummed so much sperm I literally shit it into my own mouth. I never cummed so hardly in my life. He ended up cheating on me and got herpes. Don't worry Friend, I went to Dr and he showed me testing for disease and I pass flying colors. Would u believe it 2 months after me and him broke up I met a beautiful azian girl named Takei. She's so pretty and had the hots for me right off the bat. I jerk ed my dick off so nicely when me and her both went into Starbucks to smoke crack. I also really liked that she does drugs with me. I never cummed like this before. It's awesomes!!

Saturday, September 10, 2016 3:45 AM

Hello, your boyfriend is a narcissist!  He is running you through what is commonly called the sweet/mean cycle.  Mental health professionals call this the idealization/devalution/discard cycle.  He is incredibly nice and you can, in his eyes, do no wrong.  Then he starts to mistreat you, especially in the company of others.  He enlists them in making you the butt of the group's jokes; hurtful jokes that go well beyond the banter to which friends subject each other.  After he is done with you because a better source of narcissistic supply comes along, he discards you.  When he needs narcissistic supply and none of his usual sources are available, he returns to suck the life out of you again. Cheating is probably only one of the many ways he has destroyed your life, and you are correct, he has no conscious about what he is doing to you.  You are not a real person to him, no one is.  The only advice that will help you is, LEAVE HIM AND DO NOT LOOK BACK.  DO NOT TAKE HIS CALLS AND SHUT DOWN YOUR FACEBOOK.  Once he knows that he can no longer abuse you, he will poison all of your existing relationships.  He will lie and tell everyone you both know that YOU were the cheater and liar.  GET OUT!!

Sunday, September 11, 2016 10:48 AM

Your BF is a narcissist for sure. I just found out this guy i was seeing was the same we met and we had sex and the whole time hes telling me im beautiful and amazing and hes messaging me he has to see me more often and cant wait to be with me. Every message he sent he called me beauty or gorgeous. But he then would disappear for hours and say he was working I could never get in contact when i needed to. Finally I posed as another girls and contacted him to meet got him to go to a hotel room and then messaged him that I knew and finally I feel free of this man. He was sleeping with many women telling them she was only one and giving sweet sentiments but stringing me along. I dont get men like this if he wanted other women just say that why toy with peoples emotions?


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