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My boyfriend cheated on me

Wednesday, September 14, 2016 9:27 PM by susan Rating: +4|-4

it started by us being 2 years casual then finally admitting our love to each other by essentially only being eachothers , first thing i noticed was he had this hidden phone that he would never show around me ?? i found it a few times and managed to ring the voice mail and found message from girls at least 4 different numbers saying come sleep with me or pick me up !!! i though nothing of it and decided one day to put the numbers in my phone to find that one was always popping up to add on snapchat so one day i added her and asked her straight out how do you know __________ ? she said your the one asking so what are you getting at ? i then replied you havent asked my question she then said what he got to do with you i said he is my partner and father to my youngest child she then said kewl i then asked her so do you know him she then said yes .. and said she was seeing him for the last couple of months i then asked her if she was picking him up recently from my area as i noticed two times he said to me his mate was picking him up but never from our house he met them down the road she then admitted and said yes and told me she would stop what she is doing and will leave him i trusted her and thought she would stop everything which she didnt .. i waited another weekend and noticed he didnt come home till 6am and decided to snapchat5 her once again for her to not say if she saw him but screen shot our messages and threaten me to delete her or she will take matters further .. i told her im sorry and she advised she will bring up to him and said i will delte her from now on and have ive also turned of my facebook so she cant view or see whats happening .. he then went out another weekday and weekend which he didnt come home till 1pm in afternoon saying he way drunk at the same friends name that he has been using since ... i lost the plot at him and told him we need time havent had six for 4 months and he seems to think he doesnt need to which bare in mind he says hes not cheating so being the person i am i choose to beleive him ... he then told me he dont love me i then said i want to try work things but he still doesnt want to i then told him to go as i nmeed top sort myself out emotionally as i cant be with someone who dont love me ...  hes been still staying with me but sleeping inb lounge the odd cuddles when i ask and im able to kiss him by and so on but still no sex or nice things from him so i think he is just trying to find a house .. he also hasnt been out the last 3 weeks as his wrist is in a skint which he damaged doing weights at gym .. so im thinking she must have left him im hoping if not he is waiting for it to heal im so confused as i love hjim soo much and want him back in my life but i know deep down i cant keep someone that doesnt want too but emotionally i need him to just go even if he has nowhere to go he chose this and decides to not love me i need to grieve and do me as emotionally its hurting me

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Sunday, September 18, 2016 1:53 AM
Tera Worby

My husband and I have been together for 7 1/2 years. Well Thursday nite we had a stupid argument over money and stuff and Friday morning, he left me. I Dont Know What To Do! I can’t eat,I can’t sleep. I’m so lost. I’ve been divorced before but I initiated that one because he was abusive. But this time I don’t want it. Yes we fight a lot and he and I have both said things to each other that we both regret but I Still Love Him and don’t want him to divorce me. He says he still loves me and he says he misses me and my kids but he is done. How can I convince him that I will do what ever it takes to save our marriage since i contacted Dr. Ikhine via [email protected] everything has change and my problems was solve.

Sunday, September 18, 2016 1:58 AM

I have been with my girlfriend for 9 years, we have two kids and are common law marriage, so I call her my wife. We have always had a very emotional relationship, hot, cold, together, broke up. I get in ruts and forget to take care of my wife emotionally, she is very very emotional, lovey dovey. She is absolutely the nicest person I know. We had been broken up but living together for a few months and had a huge fight last Saturday when I asked her to leave, and she did. She is now staying with a friend of hers, a male. It devastated me in a way I never knew it could. I have tried everything I can to pull her back in but it just seems to push her away. I really think in my mind that there not sleeping together but I know she cares about him. She has put up her walls and told me she will never love again, never let someone inside to be able to hurt her again. The sad part is this happened last year, I worked and got her back and fell threw on my promises, I worked my ass off to get invited to the big game and just set there thinking I had won by getting her back. A few months ago she begged me to go to therapy, I told she was crazy and needed therapy but not me,😭😭. What kind of husband or man does that?? I feel lost now, I’m starting therapy Monday to work on myself, I see my faults and have a disire to fix them to be able to live a happier life, ever since i contacted Dr. [email protected] all my problems was settle and my happiness was return back to me.


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