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Did wife cheat?

My wife cheated on me

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 8:13 PM by JonDoe88 Rating: +210|-67

This story happened years ago.  It was just a few months or maybe about a year after we got married, we bought a new house and moved to another part of town about 30 mins away.  One day I came home before my wife.  I noticed she came home, and pulled her car into the garage but did not come inside.  But instead she was in her car talking on her phone.  I didn't think anything of it.  But nearly 1.5 later, she is still on the phone in her car in our garage.  So I thought maybe something important happened and she's talking to one of her family members.  She doesn't have many close friends so usually if she's on the phone its with one of her sisters or family members.  I thought that this was the case.  I went to go check on her and see if everything was okay.  As I approached her car, she abruptly hangs up the phone and exits the car.  I ask her if everything is okay and she says yes everything is fine.  She was just talking with "a friend".  I didn't ask who and didn't question her further.  The Friday comes around and she asks me if it's okay that she goes out with some fellow coworkers after work for some drinks at a nearby restaurant.  I'm thinking sure, it'd be cool for her to have new friends and go out occassionally, no big deal.  So she goes out on Friday with her coworkers.  But then 3 hours go by after she gets off work and I don't hear from her.  So I call her to see when she's coming home.  She doesn't pick up.  Another hour or so rolls by, still nothing.  So I call her a couple more times and leave her messages and texts... no answer or text responses back.  Hours later, she finally calls and says she will be home later and she didn't hear my phone calls.  I thought okay that's reasonable I guess.  When she finally comes home she is halfway drunk and horny.  She says next time she will call me before coming home so I'll know she's safe.  Next Friday rolls around, and same story, no phone calls, no responses to my calls/texts.  Eventually Fridays turn into a regular thing now.  Our sex life at home become more adventurous and she starts to suggest things we do sexually... something that has NEVER happened!!  And she starts to suggest new positions, fucking her in the shower, more blowjobs, and even swallowing me more!  I start to wonder where her new sexuality comes from and all these new sexual ideas are from.  We have been together for a while before marriage and she is NEVER the type to suggest anything sexual much less new sexual positions!  So I check out our phone records and notice that she has been calling and texting a number all the time.  But I have never seen her calling or texting this much around me.  So I call the phone number and found out it was one of her male coworkers.  She has been talking about him but I never even noticed.  She would tell me that he is a pervert and is always talking sexual stuff at work around other coworkers and her.  And he was the guy that she was calling and texting behind my back?!  It was even him that she was talking to that day in the garage for almost 2 hours.  She is also becoming more secretive about her phone saying she needs some privacy.  Also, she starts deleting all her texts back/forth to him.  Being secretive about her phone and deleting her texts is something she never used to do.  So I confront her, and she denies they are anything but friends.  Weeks go by and I confront her again asking her if she is cheating on me.  She says no, but admits to being attracted to him.  She even asked me if I'd ever be okay if she dated him if I'd ever be okay with that to see about her feelings about our relationship.  She starts getting up earlier for work and begins to wear sexy thongs to work, new lingerie and thongs that I have never seen her buy show up.  She comes home Fridays super late, usually around 1-2am.  She is giving me more blowjobs and swallowing my cum more than usual.  She is coming up with new ways for me to fuck her.  So I finally tell her she has to either change jobs and stop contacting this guy and choose between our marriage.  So she switches jobs and stops going out on Friday nights with her coworkers.  Life goes back to routine, as does our sex life. 


So what do you think?  Do you think she was fucking her coworker?  Or was it just an emotional affair?

Thank you for voting.


Tuesday, April 25, 2017 9:21 PM
Honest Husband

Deep down you know the answer to your own question.

I swear, there must be a playbook wives read and share with other wives called "How to Cheat on Your Husband.  The step by step guide to lying, misleading, and covering up an affair." 

This is text book my friend.  The hidden phone calls, deleted messages, late nights, sexy new clothes, increased sexual appetite, denial when questioned.  I'm sorry to say it but you were likely cheated on.  Sounds like it might be over NOW but that's not to say it wont happen again. 

My story is nearly identical minus the changing jobs thing (at first).  I explained away each warning sign much the same way you did.  And like you, one day things went back to normal.  Two years later it started to pick up again.  This time around I got her to admit what was CURRENTLY happening and what HAD happened two years prior.  Cheater cheater pumpkin eater.  I came to find that the guy moved away with his wife and kids (the 1st time) ,,, thats why things died down.  The second time around it was all out in the open so there was no fighting it. 

So here's how my story went.  I love my wife.  I didn't want to divorce but knew we couldn't go on like this so I laid down the law,,,, we either move out of state or our marriage was over.  This obviously doesn't fix the marriage but at least I know there is no chance of this guy coming back into the picture.  We ended up moving three states away and are still maired today, some 7 years since her last discression. 

Does it still hurt to think about?  Everyday. 

Do I trust her?  Not like i did before finding out the truth but certainly more than I did after discovering the facts. 

Is our marriage strong today?  Absolutely.  The truth will set you free.  It may not be easy to say or hear but once all the chips are on the table and all the cards are flipped there's nothing to hide anymore.  You can move past it, (if you want too) but only after you know the 100% truth.  No marriage works if built on lies and secrets. 

Advice?  You deserve to know the truth.  In my case I said, "Listen.  I know you cheated.  I still love you and will not leave.  But I need you to admit the truth.  We can't go on if you continue to lie."  I probably said this 20 times over the course of a week before she finally broke down and told me.  You know the funny thing about it,,,, I KNEW she had, in my heart i did, but when the words come out of her mouth it still hit me like a ton of bricks.  Broken chairs, mirrors, hole in the wall, the works.  Nothing will prepare you to hear the words " I cheated " come from the mouth of the woman you love.  It will destroy you but it doesn't have to kill you.  Great marriages can be built on the ashes of a wrecked one,,,, but sometimes you have to knock the building down first to start rebuilding. 

Best of luck brother.  Hang in there.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 8:57 PM


Thursday, June 15, 2017 2:57 AM

It's really hard to believe what I am reading! You just can't fix stupid. Do really need to ask if your wife was cheating?

Thursday, November 9, 2017 3:45 AM


Monday, November 20, 2017 11:46 PM



Wednesday, July 18, 2018 3:15 AM

I know you want to believe her,I notice the same type of behavior from my wife I didn't confront her without proof plus I thought what if I'm wrong so with a voice activated recorder in the car I had my answer in 3 days a much younger male coworker it was going on for a year she wanted to know how I found out I told her a secret source from her work is keeping me informed if this doesn't help you then maybe someone else.

Sunday, November 25, 2018 9:43 AM

Find out if she's actually guilty by play it cool initally , hire a PI ; get proof good for court , get an attorney , move money & cancel any Credit cards that you have responsibilty for. Make a plan & carry it out. Force youself to take muliple long looks at the video and pics a good PI will get for you. Burn that image into your brain so when she plays the sorry, helpless, misunderstood and repentent wife you can easily resist giving in. How can you look at a guilty wife and not see his cum dripping out of her mouth that she wants to kiss you with and his dick pounding into her with her begging for more ?  I could never get past that. I would NEVER be able to see anything but those images ! Kick her curbside with as little as you can, and don't look back. 


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