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First the mentally cheated now shes going through with it

My girlfriend cheated on me

Wednesday, June 8, 2016 5:29 AM by Guestman2234 Rating: +11|-7

  • I'm Exhausted i have to give you the whole back ground, firstly when i met my ex girlfriend she told me she just signed up to the military army reserves and would go to training in 6 months. Everything was fine those 6 months and she came to visit me, being we are in a long distance relationship. She stayed with me for 8 days and it was a great experience. When she got back home she decided to break it off with me before she went to training, I said some bad things and i let her go.

  • The next week i get a call from her saying shes sorry and shed like to work it out, and that she would write me. We wrote back and forth the whole time she was in basic i supported her. Fast forward to the end of Basic, she gets out and reports to AIT where we could talk more, on the way to AIT she tells me she has changed. In my head i say thats understandable being shes been through training and all. But i was in for a whole lot of pain and misery. Every day she would treat me like total crap.i chunked this up to her going through alot and having to adjust. So i continued to support her,She continued the bad treatment until she realized the didn't have a car. Im not rich but she knows i have a little money and good credit, so she asks me before she leaves AIT can i Co sign on her a car and give her 2,000 on a down payment, I said hell no!, she basically threatened to break up with me behind it, i nearly left her but i stayed silly me my love got the best of me i feel so bad. But when she got home she ended up getting the car anyways because her mom had one ready for her. So its my turn to go see her i visit her for 2 weeks, everything is fine we got along great.

  • But there was something off i felt it in my gut,She was texting her friends from training while we were laying in bed together, and suddenly had to pee because she has a bladder problem , She left her phone in plain view i didn't want to look as i dont evade privacy at all so i just glanced and saw a little of the message, one message from her reads "hes so sexy and cute" the next message is a picture of the guy shes talking about. i look away, i know i shouldn't have looked, hes a guy in her Unit that she has this crush on. i later confront her about it, she tells me aww its just a little crush. i totally break it off with her but she begged and cried until i gave in. and we move past the situation. She goes to drill every month,

  • This is when it all starts with the obsession with this guy. She likes to look through my social media she wants all my passwords so i gave them to her since i have nothing to hide, i never asked her for hers being i trusted her and im not that type of guy, So one day i just ask her for her password she becomes very hesitant to give it to me but she eventually does, i guess she was deleting evidence, but one thing she didnt delete was her search history.I find out she has been searching this guy page every single day, and they arent even friends on Facebook. so i confront her about it and she then again brushes it off and says she wont do it again, i break up with her then she went nuts on me saying very hurtful things like how she fantasizes about this guy every night and how she wants him. ect ect i say ok and go no contact and block her on everything she then emails me about how shes so sorry and she was just mad and didn't mean anything she said.

  • I give her one final chance, As i mentioned above she goes to drill every month she likes to hang around 4 guys in her unit alot i protested it because i know guys but she called me insecure and jealous so i let her hang with them and this guy is in the group also, that she thinks is so handsome. My trust with her is shattered so i ask her to call me when she has a breaks, She Passed her PT test and the guys asked her to celebrate with them with some shots. She asked me can she go take one shot i said ok, she stays on the phone with me while she takes one shot, the guys instantly tell her to get off the phone she just hangs up with me, i didn't hear from her until the next day she said she didn't do nothing with them, i had my suspensions but i let it go and move past it .

  • This was the last straw which ended our relationship, i got tired of her not calling me during her breaks for Chow or going to the store. so i told her to be honest with me i wanted to know everything i demanded it. She finally came clean how the guy flirts with her and how she flirts back, and how disrespectful to our relationship it is and that she does it anyway because hes so handsome. And how she will stop doing it i broke up with her and said if she wants me back she would have to text him and tell him they cant talk anymore, she did just that. but later admitted how she told him she was just saying that to please me and that she really wants to be with him, she told me he sent her a smirk face back in agreement. She finally told me she didn't want to be with me anymore, and that she wants a military man. It hurts so much to know this woman that says she love me so much and care about me so much can be so obsessed with someone else,



  •  when i broke up with her and finally blocked her everywhere, she went nuts calling me from every number known to man and also emailing me. so i said what they hey ill listen to her. Shes crying how bad she doesnt want to lose me and how much she wants me to stay. i say how do you love and care about me but wont stop talking to this guy?. she says she cant i say well then we cant be and i will continue to have you on block and never talk again. she says shell stop talking to him which i know she wont, so i just use this situation to get more info on how bad she really wants this guy i know it was stupid and i should have just deaded it. But i wanted to know everything no matter how bad it hurt me i felt it would only strengthen how much i wont talk to her again, i say if you want to be with me so bad send me a screenshot of your texts to him. which she did and it read as follows Him:i want more tho (smileyface)

    Her: me too..other places too

    HIM:damn you dont know whats coming i cant wait i cant sleep just thinking about it

    HEr:oh i dont now whats coming? i have a pretty good idea ive been fantasizing about it for a while now

    Her:im really turned on thinking about you right now why is it that i want you so bad

    him:so am i and idk.but youll deff some of it soon

    so there you have it folks she deff i setting things in motion im not mad at her shes just a young woman who wants this guy so badly it doesn't hurt me now but i know it will hurt me later funny how she called me childish after i told her ill never talk to her again.a year and 8 months of hell

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016 4:52 PM

    You deserve this. Fuck you. The bitche wants you because your the man every  women wants as a father and husband. But the other guy is what she wants sexually a d you let her play you. You are an idiot listen you dumb bitch of a man. Grow some balls, work  out get your alpha status  back and leave the bitch. Find someone better looking and fuck your girl you BITCH! SHE GAVE YOU SIGNS AFTER SIGNS that she's is not a faithful women but the tears manipulated your ass. she probably  made all those guys her personal drill Sgt at the same time. You sir are an ass and your dad wether dead or alive would be ashamed  of  you. You ASS BITCH CLOWN. MAN THE FUCK UP.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016 5:57 PM

Just wanna say, the guy above is very harsh, but the message he's sending it true. Most women don't respect most weak men. Keep your status or they will rip your heart out in cold blood. If you've lost it, move on and stay moved on. Most of all, never go back to this chick, you can't trust her for a second. All the best.

Thursday, June 16, 2016 7:37 PM

I ageer with the first guy, grow some fucking balls champ 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016 11:19 AM

Never date, marry or fall in love with military girls. Even the flat out pure ugly girls cheat. Every guy in military knows that, and for the few that don't, find out pretty quickly. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016 9:58 AM

You were not a Victim, you were a volunteer. She did nothing wrong, but you did lots wrong.  No Sympathy for you from anyone here. Once she gave you the warning signs, you should just have stayed away.  It's like you bought a pet rattlesnake, and you keep complaining about how it bites you. 


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